onsdag, desember 05, 2007


I had a lovely trip to London, I went together with my brother and two cousins. Our main goal was to see Tottenham play home at White Heart Lane against Birmingham. I arrived a Thursday, and went and visited Marte, before I went into the town and meet Stig-Johnny. IF you want to read more about my visit with Marte, I have written more about it here. I would really advice you to visit Marte in London. On Friday we used the day to walk around in the town, and saw many famous places, and we also visited a Star Wars exhibition, I also got to meet Darth Vader:p Later we saw Hitman at the cinema, the same evening Nils-Ove and Daniel also arrived.

On Saturday we decide to find out if there was a musical we could go to, Marte also came into town, and took control, and we went and saw Lord of the Rings musical. I loved it, and think it was great. We also walk around i the town a littlebit, and the three others saw Beowolf on a 3d cinema.

On Sunday it was time for the football match, I was sure Tottenham was going to win. I was planning to by a team shirt, but I just both a scarf in stead. We found our places and where ready. The players came in, and we cheered, but after the first half, Birmingham was leading. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, Robbie Keane scored two goals, and now I was sure they where going to win. Than Birmingham scored, Robbie Kean got a red card, and at overtime, a Swedish player scored a great goal… for Birmingham :/ So Tottenham lost, but it was still a great experience. In he evening we ate at an Indian restaurant, really good food, before we took the desert at an Ice cream restaurant.

On Monday I stood up before the others, and went to see the castle, Hyde Park, Green Park and St.James Park, and this morning the sun were up and the sky was blue. I meet many squires and birds. Especially the Squirrels and Pelicans I enjoyed. And it was a really good end for my trip in London.

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Stine sa...

Høres ut som du he hatt en skikkelig fin tur til london,og så kult at du fekk møte na darth vader!:p hehe...

Og ej e skikkelig misunnelig på at du fekk besøke næ marte, ej me vil!!!!

I love squirrels:D

Marte sa...

Aa saa fiiint ekorn! Kjempe sott!!:P hehe;)

Va ssaa kosli at du kom, Kay! Velkommen tilbake (nokke e vet du gjor;))


Anonym sa...

I am so sorry about Tottenham.

kjekt med bilder!
Sees deg paa MF!

Skj;nner ikke hva som er galt, med denne datamaskinen p[ universitetet. Ae, Oo og Aa virker ikke. Jaja, litt s[nn utenlands stemning / du er sikkert vent til det etter noen dager i London.


Hilsen Aina Marie

Tais i Oslo sa...

Really nice pictures!!!
As I wrote on Marte´s blog...I feel a bit jealous that you visited my roommate...hehehe...joking.
Really would like to meet you both again!