onsdag, juni 18, 2008

Joinvile, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre

I went to Joinville to visit Rafaela, I got to meet her family, friends and here boyfriend Breno. On Saturday we went to a hill, where we had a good view over the city, it was really beautiful; U can see a picture from it under.

At the same evening we went to a meeting where Breno had a speech, before we went to a party for Rafaela’s brother. I also got a Vasco da Gama shirt with here older brother, since he meant that this is the team I should support in Brazil.I liked the city really much and felt really welcomed it both Rafaela and Breno`s family. I event got to practices my German, since there is so many people with German background here.On Sunday we drove to Florianópolis where they are studying, we went to a birthday party for friends of theirs. On Monday I went together with Rafaela to her work, she is an English teacher for small children, she did a good job, and enjoyed sing a long with the children. Later I went together with a Gustavo, a friend of Rafaela to a see some of Florianópolis. I got to see some beautiful places, try to sand boarding /surfing (it is funny that I try to sand boarding before snowboarding :P hehe) and later on I also played some futsal (it was really fun and I got really tired after it).
On Monday evening I took the bus to Porto Alegre, where I arrived half pas six in the morning. Here I am visiting Leonardo, and I am going to be here until Friday, before I go back to Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday he and his friends showed me the city, took some pictures, and I liked this best.

Today I am going to his university and see where he studies, and than tonight it is time for the big football match between Brazil and Argentina, I am looking forward to see that. Tomorrow we are going to see another city nearby, before we are going to visit his wife to be and her family.

4 kommentarer:

Ingrid sa...

Wow, se ut som du har d gøy!:)
Kanon flotte bilder du har tatt!:)
Visste ikkje at Leonardo va forlova! Du må gratulere han fra meg!
Kos deg videre på tur!:)
Klem fra Ingrid

Per sa...

Bli det snowboard neste no da?
He vør på bibelgruppe i kveld. Kjekt å sjå atte nakken ta karane. Ha det kjekt!!

Aina Marie sa...

wow - du opplever jammen mangt
Kos deg videre og knips i vei - mange flotte bilder:-)

God sommerferieklem fra Aina Marie

Nils-Ove Støbakk sa...

Futsal i Brasil, also? Håpe du lærte nokken snaxy triks te Førjulsturneringa. Berre et halvt år igjen no ;)