mandag, januar 08, 2007

Better late than never!

Today I finally got the packaged my mother had sent my in the end of November. (She has sent a cd with pictures in October, but that is still somewhere else then here:p). It actually arrived in Kampala 13.Desember, but they did not send out the letter before a week after, and then the FOCUS office closed for the Christmas, and this was my first day after New Year, but it was worth waiting for.This was what I found in the package:
- Nordvestlandskalendere 2007 (Calder of 2007 with pictures from the part of Norway I live in. In fact at the front, there where a picture from a lighthouse on my Island (Godøya) and there was also a picture inside with Godøya on it, Beautiful!)
- Dumle lollipop
- Six different kind of Christmas magazine (Donald, NR.91 Stomeperud, Flåklypa, Mickey Mouse, Billy and Knoll og Tott)
- Three packages with Vestlansk Lefse (type of griddle cake (thin, potato-based pastry traditionally served with butter).
- Lasagne plats and lasagne powder (so now I can make lasagne by my self:p )-
- Two pack of Norwegian rice porridge (Fast food, only 5 minutes cooking time).
- Four Kick liquorice stick ( Two ordinary and two with lemon taste).
- Christmas marzipan
- Mør (Yeah, I know this is a Norwegian word, but I do not knot what I shall translate this word, I now many Norwegians also have problem with this word. But that’s life.. hehe:p )
- Many copies of the famous Norwegian Newspaper Sunmørsposten (and one Nytt I Uka paper).- Smulting/dough ring
I would like to thank everyone that was a part of this Christmas package (or as some of my family maybe would say “Nødsending) and the packages that are somewhere between Norway, Uganda and the sun. :p

Here is the picture of the food:

P.SI know the Smulting is gone in the picture, but I let the people in the office taste it, and they loved it.P.S P.SSince on of my New Year resolutions where that I am going to eat less candy. So I will of course save the candy to another time.
As my mother told me when I was little: “Candy you should only eat on Saturdays and at Party’s).

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mamma sa...

kjekt at du endelig fekk pakken, sjøl om den ikkje kom fram til jul. Du får kose dej med alt sammen ( kjenne ej dej rett so trener du fort av dej kaloriene :) gla i dej, klem fra mamma

Anonym sa...

nååe.. mamman din e søt:)
en sann vil ej me ha når ej ska t australia! nam..