onsdag, februar 28, 2007


This is my new football shoes, bought them on a marked in Mbale. Yesterday I was on my weekly football training, and since it started raining heavily, I was glad I had football shoes instead of just ordinary jogging shoes. After the first training with my new ZhongFu, I am pleased with my shoes, my first Chinese shoes. The people I play football with are, from 10 to 45 years old (or something like that), men and women. From Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. Not very serious, but I like, it is good to kick the ball a little bit.

From Friday to Monday, we were on a little tour, visited Tororo, Mbale and Sortti.We did some training for FOCUS staff and associates. Hade a good time, and met many nice and interesting people. On Saturday me, Per and Aina visited Eivind and Thomas in Mbale. In the picture above you find the four playing Ligretto, Aina won, I lost and got minus 50 or something :pThey also made waffles and we also got to “brunost” put on. My first brunost since I came here in October, it was soo good :) So thank you guys! It was nice to visit them.When we where going back from Sorotti on Monday, we where going to stop in Jinja to have a training there also, but since we had some car problem we came to late. First we had to find and change a tired. Than the radiator got to hot, and we had to stop in a town and fix it, since it also had a leak. But at the end we came back, and I hade some good days. Next Saturday the plan is to go to Lyra, after that I think the plan is to stay for the most in Kampala.Under you can see a couple of pictures of the car problem.

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Under is a picture of the football ground the lies near our house, and here they play league games sometimes. So I will just say “Nothing is like Godøy gras, nothing”

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