onsdag, februar 28, 2007


This is my new football shoes, bought them on a marked in Mbale. Yesterday I was on my weekly football training, and since it started raining heavily, I was glad I had football shoes instead of just ordinary jogging shoes. After the first training with my new ZhongFu, I am pleased with my shoes, my first Chinese shoes. The people I play football with are, from 10 to 45 years old (or something like that), men and women. From Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. Not very serious, but I like, it is good to kick the ball a little bit.

From Friday to Monday, we were on a little tour, visited Tororo, Mbale and Sortti.We did some training for FOCUS staff and associates. Hade a good time, and met many nice and interesting people. On Saturday me, Per and Aina visited Eivind and Thomas in Mbale. In the picture above you find the four playing Ligretto, Aina won, I lost and got minus 50 or something :pThey also made waffles and we also got to “brunost” put on. My first brunost since I came here in October, it was soo good :) So thank you guys! It was nice to visit them.When we where going back from Sorotti on Monday, we where going to stop in Jinja to have a training there also, but since we had some car problem we came to late. First we had to find and change a tired. Than the radiator got to hot, and we had to stop in a town and fix it, since it also had a leak. But at the end we came back, and I hade some good days. Next Saturday the plan is to go to Lyra, after that I think the plan is to stay for the most in Kampala.Under you can see a couple of pictures of the car problem.

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Under is a picture of the football ground the lies near our house, and here they play league games sometimes. So I will just say “Nothing is like Godøy gras, nothing”

onsdag, februar 21, 2007


Safari Last week me, Per, Aina and Ingrid and here parents went to Mourchison (Or something:p) Falls, one of the national parks in Uganda. It is around 5 hours drive from Kampala. We used some hours since our driver, had do help his son out of jail (but that’s another story).We slept in tents two and two, but they where big, and we even had beds, in the night we heard animals walking outside the tent, they said that sometimes there came a leopard inside the camp during the night. And also a hippo was usually walking around, but I did not see any of those, so I think it just was the wart hogs that stayed in the camp. E really beautiful animal… Or maybe not, you can decide for your self.

On Thursday we hade first a 4 hours drive in the park, where the driver raised the roof on the car, so we could stand and take pictures. There where so many animals to see, specially different kinds of birds, monkeys and Antelopes we got to see much of. After some driving around, we found there lions, they where walking around the car, and I think we got around five minutes with them, lovely. Than a little later we also met around twenty elephants crossing the road 30 meters in front of the car, was especially cool to see the biggest elephant, he stopped and looked at us, while the rest of the elephants crossed the road. When he saw that they where all safe over, he just turn around and walk after them. Then we saw some giraffes, water buffaloes, a hippo and many other.Later on the same day we went on a boat ride, a liked it very much. We saw many hippos, some crocodiles and many of the animals we saw earlier. I liked seeing the elephants eating from the tree. The trip was on three hours, we saw also a fall. Which we the next day, when for a little walking safari, it was really beautiful.

So I can say that I really enjoyed being on the safari, I think if I have to choose, I will say that the elephants and the lions was my favourite. We did no see any leopards that were an animal I really wanted to see.
Here are some more pictures.

King Harald birthday

Today 21 of February King Harald of Norway has his birthday, so I just wanted to write a little post. Me and Per will celebrate with Pizza, sodas and Ice cream
So if he or somebody how knows him reads this post: Happy birthday King Harald and have a nice day.

mandag, februar 12, 2007

There is a time for everything

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heaven

Planning meeting
Last weekend we use to be in a planning meeting with some other Focus staff, we discuss who they can have a better impact on the different campus this year. What Focus can do have a bigger and better impact on the students. We made a quit a lot of plans, but most is after we will leave, so we were mostly just listening. But it was three long days.

On that Saturday I also was teacher for a lesson at the children pros jet, I where in Class 4 (the oldest class). I had Health class, and I these day Emotions and Health was the theme, and I was going to teach them about psychosomatic illness. Quit a theme to start your teacher carrier with, there where so many hard word that I have problem (or could not) explaining I Norwegian and even pronouncing in Norwegian. But with some in advance reading and studying in the book I got, I think it went ok. At least I know some more about Psychosomatic illnesses.

Bible camp
Then I and the rest of the Team Kampala have been on a bible camp for six days in Gerenge (the camp sit to FOCUS). There was only around 25 persons (some days even under 20), but that was a good thing, it made it to a camp without stress. So I had some nice days. Everyday we had bible exposition about the Gospel of Mark, and I thought this was very interesting, and I learn a lot. There are so many more things you will find when you really dig deep into the text, and of course when you work together with other, and have a good teacher and access to different bible helps. We had also some other seminar, games and good time to rest and take a swim in Lake Victoria.

What to come:
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday these week, we are going to a Safari, it is something a really look forward to. I have heard that the national park we are going to have at least, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, many birds and some beautiful water falls. In my next blog I will of course write about this trip.
Than the two weekends we (us four Norwegians and on of our bosses) are going to visit some universities in some other districts.
So it will be quit a lot of travelling in February.

I hade to also say some few words about these movie, because I have loved the Rocky series, may except number five (For the people that do not know, Rocky is a movie(s) about a boxer called Rocky, and is played by Sylvester Stallone). So what can I say about the movie? I will just say that I liked it and, that I have to see the other Rocky movies again. If you the other Rocky movie, I recommend that you also see this.
I will end this blog with writing these words from the movie: “It ain’t over til it’s over”