mandag, september 10, 2007

Back to Hald

(Paullet and me with brand New t-shirt from Laos, a pressent from Salome)

This weekend Me and Per went for a trip back to Hald. Of course it was a little bit strange to be there with out the rest of the last year. We met also Eline, Elise, Adreas and Paulette (she is now a ettåring). And it was fun to meet Faith and Pamela, the two girls the we meet at FOCUS when we were in Kampala. And I also got to talk to most of the teachers before they took their weekend break. So I got to have a little of last year :)
(Andreas, Paulette, Elise, Faith and Per)
It was also fun to talk to the new Hald students, to hear what they where thinking about the time at Hald and about their stay abroad or in Norway. They looked like a good gang, so it will be fun to follow them true their blogs. I am sure that they will have a great time!

One thing I did not now that they had at Hald is a Sauna, and when I asked Agnar, he said he did not know before last week. So we have gone at Hald for one year, and missed the chanced to use the sauna.I will put a picture of the Sauna and some others from the weekend under:
(Me, Pamela, Faith and Paulette)

tirsdag, september 04, 2007

Kay in Oslo

I have now been in Oslo for around 3 and half week. I have had a good start at my school and I think that the classes are really interesting. The second week my class went for a trip together, and that was a good way to get to know each other. One of the things I am looking forward to on this study is that we are going to work practical all the semesters. Soon we will get to know where we are placed, this first semester we are mainly using time to get to know the practice place, the people and the area.

I am living at a place called Brekke; it is a place north in Oslo. It is really near to Marka, which is really nice to go for a walk, jog, cycling and in winter skiing. I am planning to buy a bike, so that I can cycle there, it looks so fun.I live together in an apartment in the second floor in a house, together with two nice girls. So fare there has been no arguments:p

What else should I write? I went to see Norway beat Argentina 2-1, that was lovely :) I still don’t have internet at home, but that will come on Thursday. (But my computer is sent in to be fixed). On Friday I am going to Hald, the school where I went to last year. I am going to visit people I know prom Uganda and one girl I went to school with. So I am looking forward to that.

Here is some more pictures from my apartment: