tirsdag, mars 27, 2007

Ice cream!

Diplom is
The picture you see above, is not taken in Norway, but at the nearest supermarket to where I live in Kampala. I have lived at this place for almost five months, and been to this shop many times, especially to buy water. But it was first last week I saw the big Diplom is paining on the freezer that they have their water. I wished really that there also could be some Diplom ice cream in it, because I think Norwegian ice cream is better than the local one, or the imported one, like nestle and other brands. But no ice, only water. But I am happy with that, since water is life:p And just to find a Diplom is freezer was really fun :)

Hot weather depressions

In Norway there is a lot talk about Winter depressions, the father north you live, and the more common this is. Winter depressions are when you life in a cold and dark environment during a period of time, and this effects your mood in a negative way.But what about hot weather depressions, the last months it has been really hot here (at least for me, and much sun. This is nice and good, sun makes people happy and in a good mood. This is a fact, or? Rules are meant to be broken. Because, I really have started to miss cold weather, rain, storm and what we call really good Sunnmørs vær. Because, you sweet when you sleep, you sweet when you go to and from the office. When you come back and a really tired, and you lie down on the bed to sleep, you finds it is too hot to sleep, and you sweet. And I also wake up, early because of the heat. Hot weather depressions are hard.By the way, it is up to you as a reader to decide how serious you will take this post. Depends on how good you now me. :p Just remember If you are happy, I am happy.


This weekend I travelled to Soroti, with four others, but this time I was the only one from Team Kampala. It is good to travel, and I have done a lot here in Uganda. Hopefully I am finished with travelling now, I just want to stay in Kampala and in Gerenge (the camp site), the last week, and enjoy the time.

tirsdag, mars 20, 2007

Culture what?

The last weekend me, Aina, Eddie, Faith and Brian travelled north to Lira, a town around five hours from Kampala. (Per was back in Kampala and Ingrid was in Kenya).
We had their training on voluntary staff on Saturday and on Sunday we visited a CU at a University around 45 min from Lira. We had a lot of program during the weekend, so we did not have time to see so much of the town. I got to visit on of my “host brothers” at the place he works, so that was nice.

Care-Groups is something I have worked with almost every week since I came here. So maybe I should tell something about that. That is a group that should have between 3 and 12 members, so we can also say it is small groups. This groups is a part of the CU (Christian Union) at the university, and is one of the ways FOCUS works. We help the different Care-Group leaders with training and information. One of the most important ting is bible study, but also other things as training/talking about important issues like: HIV/Aids, leader training and other subjects that is important for youths.

We also have had some individual talks about reversed culture shock with a counsellor working closely with FOCUS, and tomorrow we are going to have a training all four of us. I do no think that I will have any culture shock when I go back home. We have had two counsellors working with FOCUS since we came, and both have been talking about it is a bigger shock, going back, than coming here. But as stubborn as I am, I still have a very hard time believing it, to be honest I do not see the possibility for me getting a culture shock when go home :p

torsdag, mars 15, 2007


Eg blei tatt Nils-Ove, Aina, Marit og Finni, og sender derfor ballen vidare...

Reglar:Kvar spiller startar med å skrive seks rare ting om seg sjølv. Bloggare som blir "tatt" må skrive seks ting om seg sjølv i sin egen blogg, i tillegg til å angi reglene for spillet. Til slutt veljar spillaren seks nye bloggearar som "har den", og lister namna deira. Etter det er gjort, skriver han eller hun ein kommentar på bloggane til kvar av dei, for å la dei vite at de har blitt "tatt", og at de må lese bloggen til den som tok dei for meir informasjon."

Eg trudde at eg blei like sterk som Skipperen om eg åt spinat.
Eg er ein ”treige” person.
Eg klarer ikkje lengre å søve lengre enn til 7-8 om morgonen.
Eg er smågal.
Eg har skåra sjølvmål i ein fotballkamp mot Vartdal.
Eg blir irritert når hanar galar, før sola står opp.

Ballen går vidare til: Ludo, Jentene paa tur, Olav Magne, Elise

fredag, mars 09, 2007

If you are Happy, I am Happy :)

If you are Happy

I am happy

Are you happy?

søndag, mars 04, 2007

If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

I want to brag a little about all the books I have read in my stay in Uganda so fare. Maybe this is not so many books for this time I have been here, but for me I have read much more than I usually do. It is a good thing, because I like to read.And I also read my devotional book every day, and try to read in the bible every day.

- Curriculum books
- Den Globale reisen by Knud Vilby (60 pages)
- Møte mellom mennesker by Øyvind Dahl (230 pages)
- God Kontakt by Asbjørn Kvalbein (100 side)
- Tro og Bekjennelse by Tove Rustan Skaar (180 pages)
- Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybles (250 pages)
- The New Global mission by Samiel Escobar (190 Pages)

(Not all those books above, have I read entirely through, because there was some chapters that was not curriculum. So I have just written how many pages I have read from every book.)

- Other books
- Uganda Holocaust By D.Wooding and R.Benett (220 pages)
- The Great Divorce By C.S Lewis (110 pages)
- The Screwtape letters by C.S Lewis (130 pagers)
- God in the Dock by C.S Lewis (125 pages)
- The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett (285 pages)
- Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett (360 pages)
- The Talisman by Stephen King and (780 pages)
- The Seventh Scroll by Wilburn Smith (520 pages)
- The Flying Scotsman by S.Magnusson (190 pages)
- Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye and G.Dinallo (400 pages)
- Heresies and Cults By J.O.Sanders (165 pages)
- Mere Christianity By C.S Lewis (155 pages)
- Wild at Heart by John Eldredge (265 pages)
- Abduction by Robin Cook (410 Pages)
- If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat
by Johan Ortberg (250 pages)

Of these books I really want to recommend these books

- Courageous leadership
A good book about leadership, I liked it

- Wild at Heart
A book that I had problems letting down, but I had to, because it gave me so many ideas to think about, And with many quotations from Braveheart, it had to be a good book :p

- If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat This was a really good book, it is a book I would recommend very much, it gave me so much to think about. I am going to buy this book and read again in the near future