tirsdag, november 25, 2008

The future

In the move Forest Gump, we get to hear this famous saying “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." What does the future bring?
Some times talks we have, goes into what the future is going to be. What am I doing in ten years? Where am I? What are my dreams? Have I changed much? Who will I be, will I still be me? How will my dreams change? Should I worry about the future today? But if I hade the chance to know, would I want to know?

Einstein said it “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough”.
I am sure I will think about the future later in my life. I think it is fun sometimes to think, and maybe also discuss with people. About how they see the future, what are their dreams? Not because I think it will be exactly like I think it will. But because I think it is interesting, and also to see how my thought about the future change. They are for example different from five years ago, and I am sure in a couple of years, I will have different dreams for the future.
I like what Einstein says, “it comes soon enough.

Mrs. Gump says in the Forest Gump movie “You have to do the best with what God gave you”. I like that; we can never to more than our best. And also that God has given us special talents, which he wants us to use. So I will try to use mine, and do my best.

In Psalm 32, 8 we get this promise: I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you! This is a bible verse that I really have enjoyed lately, and it makes me relax more about the future. To know that God will guide me and have his eyes upon me, gives me peace.

I will end with a thing that one of my friends often says, and that I really like “The most important is not who you are going to be or where you are going or! But who you are, where you are now!”

onsdag, november 12, 2008


As usually much has happened since the last time I updated!
I will not write about everything, in stead I will use just some words,
Here are my chosen words:Small thing and big things. Funny thing and less funny things. Serious and unserious. Much sleep and little sleep. Thinking and thinking too much. Fire and extinguishing. Reading and working. Training and resting. Friends and family. Analysing. Remembering. Visiting and hosting. Young and old. Watching and listening. New friends and old friends. Small and big. Noisy and quiet. City and forest.
If you want to now more, just ask;)
I will try to write a more serious blog update another day;)

lørdag, oktober 11, 2008

Island in the sun

Last week I spent at home at Godøya, the Island in the sun. I had such a nice time at home, so good to meet my family and friends again. My nephew Mads has grown a lot, and he is very active now, he is rolling here and there. And I am sure he soon going to crawl around the place, maybe the next time I am at home?

On Saturday I got to watch the last home match of my football team this season, they lost this time. But still they have had their best season ever, they ended at 5th place in the 3 division, I am really impressed. Since it was the last home game, the celebrated with giving the supporters some cake.

One thing I really like with being home, is that the “tempo” is quit slower than in Oslo. When I go to shop, I will use much time, since there is so many people I know, even when I was jogging I had to stop to talk to people. And to be close by the ocean, so lovely. I also got to go for a youth evening. On Monday I went for a place to try a “bunad”, so maybe I will get to the next 17 of May, which would be cool.The only thing I did not manage, was to take the ferry, but since there is no svele, I can wait until I go back next time:p

onsdag, september 24, 2008

In My Life

Again it have not been so good at ordaining my blog, it has been three weeks since last. I have thought about it, but I always think: I will do it tomorrow. Today I will write some, instead of waiting for tomorrow!Since my last update I have done a lot, and instead of writing about everything I will put in more pictures than usual at the end. Pictures say more than thousand words, or something like that!We have had a Hald evening since both Tais and Marte was in town, I have been to Tusenfryd two times. One with my cousins, where we also had breakfast together. And one time together with some friends. People I know have been visiting Oslo, and have had “bed and breakfast” in our apartment. I have been to Kirk Franklin concert, seen Wall-E at the cinema. Been and said farewell to Holmenkollen.

School is also going good, have been a much better student this last week. And I also have to, I am going to have a small test on Friday, and the followings weeks I have two book reports and one small paper to hand in, but I think that will go ok. My practice works is still good, and I am really enjoying it, and getting a little bit more responsibility than last year.

I have a loot to look forward to, tomorrow I and Stine, Per and Merete are going to see the Ylvis show. Next weekend I am going home, I am really looking forward to that, to see my family and friends. To see a football game with my team, to go to a youth evening in the bedehus. So that will be a good weekend!

Here are some pictures from my last three weeks;)

mandag, september 01, 2008

Here, there and everywhere

One of my new friends here in OsloYeah, this is the name of a Beatles song, a group that I always have liked, and lately I have listen to this song and another one called, “in my life”, not the most famous songs from the Beatles maybe? But I really liked them.
Another reason than I have chosen this as the headline for this post is that I many ways feel like I have been here, there and everywhere lately. Time flies here in Oslo, I have started school (I have had a slow start there, since I have started just one of there subjects), I am back working at Grønland church with youth work (It is really interesting, and I thin the fall will be good). Also there are so much things happening of social things, visiting friends, birthdays, Hald evenings, “moving in parties”, playing football with friends and more. So I often go here there everyday. Almost like I have been everywhere since I came here to Oslo;)
Here is a picture when Finni was visting us
We have also started to get the apartment a little more “homely”, have been to IKEA and bought some things.
Per and Stine at IKEA, bad mobile pictureAnd I am sure there is much more we can to do, make the apartment “our own”, but I am not stressing, can take it a little by little.The apartment lies in “down town” in Oslo, and that has its good and bad sides. One thing that I am really enjoying is that is quiet here, I do not hear the traffic and little of the neighbours. I miss to have forest, sea or green are, you feel a little “crushed” here in the middle of the town. Still, so fare so good!
My mother send my some pictures of Mads, he has started eating porridge now. And also a picture of my cats back home.

mandag, august 18, 2008

End of summer

Now the summer is over, tomorrow I am back to school again.I have had a great summer back home, spending time with time with family, friends, working and training. And also driving to Oslo to move, and than spending 5 days in a konfirmasjon-camp with youths from Oslo in Fredtun FHS in Stavern.

Here are some pictures from:The Baptise of my nephew , 50-year Party and moving into the new place in Oslo !

If there is still some people looking at this blog, I will try and update it more often;)

mandag, juni 30, 2008

Back in Norway

My last days in Brazil I spent in Rio de Janeiro, it was good to visit my father. It was good to sometime together with him and his girlfriend and her family. The weather was not the best the days I was there, but at least I got time to visit the Jesus statue. Except that I mostly just relaxed.
After over 26 hours with plain, over 26 hours with bus and some hours waiting in the airports, I am back in Norway. I spent one day in Oslo, before I went home to Godøya. On Saturday I went to a wedding, my Cousin Ole Johan got married to Karin. It was a really nice wedding, and nice to meet the big family again.

søndag, juni 22, 2008

End of tour the Brazil

I am now back in Rio de Janeiro, after traveling Brazil and visiting Tais, Mateus, Rafaela and Leonardo the last two weeks. It has been interesting weeks, and I am really glad that I decided to take the trips to their places and to meet them in their “real life” outside Hald. I feel that I know them better now, and of course that I can understand more about the culture that they come from.

One thing that I have really have learned is that Brazil does not just have one culture, and it is no easy to defined or see how is a Brazilian or not. I think it is interesting to have gotten the chance to see some of the variety inside the Brazilian culture.
One thing that at least is the same culture at the places I have been is that people have been so nice, open their homes for me and taken care of me. I feel I have a lot to learn when it comes to being such a good host when people come to visit.

I spent the last days in Leo in Porto Alegre. I had a good stay with him, meet his friends, his godparents and saw him in action at his work. I was also so lucky that I got to meet his girlfriend and her family. They are going to get married at 1 of November, and I am sure that they will be a lovely couple in the church that day. And it would be so fun if I could be there with them, I am not sure I will be able to come, but we never know what the future brings. So we can at least have hope;)

I have now four more days in Brazil, so I am going to spend with my father and his girlfriend Angela, and here family in Rio. Hopfully also see some of the famouse places here.

onsdag, juni 18, 2008

Joinvile, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre

I went to Joinville to visit Rafaela, I got to meet her family, friends and here boyfriend Breno. On Saturday we went to a hill, where we had a good view over the city, it was really beautiful; U can see a picture from it under.

At the same evening we went to a meeting where Breno had a speech, before we went to a party for Rafaela’s brother. I also got a Vasco da Gama shirt with here older brother, since he meant that this is the team I should support in Brazil.I liked the city really much and felt really welcomed it both Rafaela and Breno`s family. I event got to practices my German, since there is so many people with German background here.On Sunday we drove to Florianópolis where they are studying, we went to a birthday party for friends of theirs. On Monday I went together with Rafaela to her work, she is an English teacher for small children, she did a good job, and enjoyed sing a long with the children. Later I went together with a Gustavo, a friend of Rafaela to a see some of Florianópolis. I got to see some beautiful places, try to sand boarding /surfing (it is funny that I try to sand boarding before snowboarding :P hehe) and later on I also played some futsal (it was really fun and I got really tired after it).
On Monday evening I took the bus to Porto Alegre, where I arrived half pas six in the morning. Here I am visiting Leonardo, and I am going to be here until Friday, before I go back to Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday he and his friends showed me the city, took some pictures, and I liked this best.

Today I am going to his university and see where he studies, and than tonight it is time for the big football match between Brazil and Argentina, I am looking forward to see that. Tomorrow we are going to see another city nearby, before we are going to visit his wife to be and her family.