onsdag, april 11, 2007

Home sweet home :)

It is good to be home, this time I will just show you some picture, no text


mandag, april 09, 2007

Uganda and Amsterdam

It has been a strange last week, so many people to say goodbye to, people you hope to meet again, but you never know where life brings you. The last days we spend at the camp centre to FOCUS, where they organized a mission camp from Thursday to Monday.Here is a picture from the camp and one from the farewell lunch we had with out host family.I do not have so much more to write about; because I thin the impression has to sink a little bit first

.I am now sitting in the Airport in Amsterdam, we have been a little trip into the town, since we (me and Per) had to wait for 9 hours for the plan to Oslo. So we use some of the time to go to see a little bit of Amsterdam, we was planning to visit the house of Anne Frank, but when we saw the long line, we gave up:p so we just walk a little around, a beautiful town.

It is strange to think than in 8 hours, I will be home. Strange

mandag, april 02, 2007

The End is near!

Maybe some will think that this is a negative title, but I do no see it as that. An end for something means a beginning for something else. I have now been in Uganda for almost six months, will I am sitting here and writing, it is strange to think that it is not so many days left, before I am going home, that this part of my life is coming to a end.I think it will be sad to leave behind the people you have gotten to know, the people from work, the students, the children at the project and my host family. At the same time I really look forward to see my family, friends, the people at school any many others that I haven’t seen for a loooong time.
There is a time for everything, there have been a time for living in Uganda, but I feel that now the time to go home is close. Someday I hope to come back to Uganda, to visit all the people that I got to know, and that I now call friends and my African family.

I have experience many things, good and bad. Some of the things I have written about on my blog, some I have shared with my family and friends back home. Some I have shared with the people in my team. Some I still have problem sharing, because it is hard to explain the impressions. Some I have to wait to I get back home to share.

The last weeks I have meet so many people that are thanking my (and of course the rest of team Kampala), blessing me and saying many good about me as a person. Telling us that we have done so much for them and that have given them so much joy.
It is so good to hear that, it is encouraging and it helps your self esteem.But at the same time, I in a way I fell “fake” or something. It is hard to explain, but I feel that I have not done so much, to deserve so much praise. I do not feel that I have done so much. I feel that I have learned and received much more that what I have given or learn away. We have so much back home in Norway, but still I feel that people here are much more happy and grateful for the things they have. And I also think there is much to learn from how people here, share the things that they have. Most of the people here has much less things, money and food than what we have back in Norway, and still they share much more and much easier.I would love to say that I am now going to do the same, but I think that the best I can say about my self, is that I am working on it, I really want to better to give and to share what I have.

Another thing is the culture different; there are so many different things in this culture compared with the Norwegian. I think I have managed to handle the culture different in a good way. I have found out that I am proud of my Norwegian culture, in the same time I see that there are things to learn from other cultures, or at least there are things that I want to learn.Because for me, the most important thing I have learn about culture is that: Culture different does not have to bee a bad thing, as long as people respect each others culture, and that we are different. It will be much easier. And also that my culture does not have to better or worse that your culture, it is just different.

If you are still reading this post, I know that this time it maybe has become a little to long and maybe a little persona. But this is what I wanted to share today.Since I haven’t written about what I have been doing the last week, I will end with showing some pictures from my week.

I am not looking forward to the end, but to the new start. I am not going to say good bye and have a nice life, I am going to say, until next time, look after your self.I am not looking forward to leave Uganda, but to come home.I really look forward to see you all again :)