torsdag, august 30, 2007

School assignment

(My group)
We got a group assignment in on of my classes, where we had to go out to different areas in Oslo, and look for clues of God/religion in the culture/area. We took some pictures, and should than choose out some of them, and put them out on a blog. On Friday 31 of August we are going true the different blogs and having a discussion in our class.

Here is the pictures that my group choosed:

fredag, august 17, 2007

Some pictures from my aprtment in Oslo

A lovely picture of a rainbow taken from out kitchen.
Under isa picture of the kitchen

Stine was a little sceptic the first day, she had so much thing to unpack. I hade almost none:P

My bed the first three days.

Here is the start of my "Komode"

Here is my new bed and the finished "Komode"

I am going to meet a friends for an ice cream, so this time I dont have time to write much.
But hopfully I will have more time another day, maybe also a fun story from the bitg town:P

Have a nice day:)

torsdag, august 09, 2007

Road Trip

Me, Stine and Nils-Ove went on a Road Trip to Kristiansund, Atlanterhavs veien, some ferries trips, Trollstigen and Valdalen.. It was a really good trip.

Kristiansund was a really nice and koselig town, it was the first time I have ever been there.

The Atlanterhavs veien was incredible, so if you have a chance to go there, you should.
It was shorter than I thougt, but it was wort to go there. And next time I want to use more time, bring the lunsj and relax

Trollstigen I have been to before, and I really like it. If you dont know about it, look at the pictures below. Incredible road up the mountain, with a incredible wiev from the top.

On Saturday I am going to move to Oslo, are going to study there the next three years.
I do not have any pictures of the apartment yet (I havent seen it my self), but I will try to put out som pictures and write about my first days in Oslo next week.

tirsdag, august 07, 2007

Godøya in international homepage

This is the homepage of Focus Uganda
If you look on the page you will find some picures at top of the sides, usualy of people.
But if you take a lookHere, you will se a beatiuful picture of the Island I live on, Godøya.

I left them some pictures, befdre I went back home. But do not now why they have put out that picture on homepage. But is soo cool:)

Here is a sample of the picture:

I will try to update my blog more in the days to come and be better!