tirsdag, november 27, 2007

En liten historie

En liten gutt går på stranden med sin far en morgen. Stormen som var dagen før har stilnet, men tilbake på stranden ligger tusenvis av sjøstjerner som sakte, men sikkert tørker inn og dør. Den lile gutten plukker opp en enslig sjøstjerne og kaster den ut i vannet igjen. Faren sier: "Hvorfor gjør du dette? Du klarer aldri å redde alle uansett. Det betyr jo ingenting i den store sammenhengen." Den lille gutten svarer: "Nei jeg gjør ikke det, men for akkurat denne sjøstjernen betyr det alt i hele verden..."

søndag, november 25, 2007

Working for Hald

The last week I have been driving 2100 km. Why? I have been working for Hald Internasjonale Senter. I have been visiting 10 schools, where I have tried to get people to sign up for Hald next year. Kritisand- Gvarv in Telemark-Bergen-Stavanger-Oslo (and many other places). It was really interesting, and I also got to visit some people. In Bergen I meet Iris, Sandra and Anna-Lena, I want to thank them for housing me, and for a nice visit.In Stavanger I stayed with Ingrid parents, and I also got the house for myself. So thank you all!. I stopped to say Hi to Ole Johan and Ingjerd in Lyngdal, and that was very nice.

I did not bring my camera, so I do not have any pictures to show you. Today I have just rested, but the next days I have to finish two papers and hand them in on Wednesday.On Thursday I am going to London together with my brother and two cousins. On Sunday we are going to see Tottenham (my favourite team) play against Birmingham.And hopefully I will also get to meet Marte.I will of course bring my camera and put out pictures on the blog.

I did not have a map book, I just printed out maps from telefonkatalogen.no, where I saw how to get from a one place to another. The problem is that it is not so good, the maps are small and it doesn’t say which signs to follow. But usually I drove correctly, if I was not sure, I just stopped and asked. When I was going from Bergen to a place called Ølensvåg, the maps told me that I had to take two ferries. The first was easy to find, but the second one I did not find. So I stopped after driving around for a while, asked if somebody could direct me. The answer they gave me was this: There is a tunnel now, the ferry has been down for 3-4 years:pBut I got to all the places in time!!

mandag, november 05, 2007

I’m still alive

It is almost three weeks since I wrote about the water problem here in Oslo. It lasted under five days, and they found nothing wrong with it. So I did not get sick, and I can no drink water directly from the spring. By the way, boiled water is not so good.

This fall the time has just flown by, almost at Warp speed. I have talked to many people about it, and we have concluded that the time has started to go fast now. When we where children/younger, I remember that some days, for example Christmas Eve, went by sooooo slow. But now, the days flies by, even if you are having a great day with much to do, but also if you do nothing.

Since I am talking about time. Most of my fellow students say that they have so much to do, that the day should be loner, so they could to everything that they want to do, or at least have to do. People (also non students) are stressed, school, work, social activities, training, resting, making food, and more. It is too much to for one person, when we just have 24 hours day.But for me? I feel I have good time to do what ever I want, if it is to study, train, read, to be social or even to relax. So I wonder why is it like this? I have said that the time flies, but at the same time I have time to do the thing I want. And many people are having too little time.

When I am going to school, I have to take a buss ride; it takes around twenty minutes, than I like to read. Not school work, but books that I want to read. I read different kinds, but most of them have been in the Fantasy genre. But the book I have enjoyed most, and a book that has given me some thoughts is: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A lovely book, easy to read, and the story is good. At the same times there is a lot of wisdom, or at least some ideas that you maybe can related to your life. About listening to your heart and follow your dreams.It at least got me start thinking for a while, I am nor sure a agree 100 % with him, about all. But still... And of course I liked the story!I really recommend this book, both for the story and also the idea behind it.