mandag, november 27, 2006

On Sunday, me, Per, Aina and Ingrid went with Jeb to Jinja, around to hours driving from Kampala. First of all this is a really a lovely little town comepared to Kampala, much more peaceful, cleaner and much more greener. The first thing we did there, was to visit the Source of the Nile, it is here where the River Nile starts. After that we went into the town to eat lunsj, before we went to another place, where we saw falls. Both of these places was so lovely to see, and also when we drove from Kampala to Jinja, the land was so green and open.If am lucky, I will get to put out some pictures to show you, that is much better than me telling you how it looks.

On Saturday I was in my first wedding here in Uganda, for Nicolas, one that works for FOCUS, and also stay with Sam (Where me and Per lived before), so we have gotten to now him. Weddings in Africa is bigger than in Norway, they had invited up to 400-500 people, in Uganda you invited everyone you now. So of course everyone is going to get server food. It was a nice wedding, of course some different compeard to Norwegian weddings. There where a lot of speeches, but neither the groom, bride or the best man spook, something that I am used to from home.
Ingrid, per og Aina

fredag, november 24, 2006

National Leadership Summit

Last weekend we where attending Focus’s national Leadership Summit. There was between 150-200 participants, mostly student’s leaders, but also some that works with FOCUS in different ways. The camp lied around an hour outside Kampala, along with the Victoria Lake. It was so nice to go out of the city, to stay near the lake and where there is open land. Our responsibility were to lead a bible group each every day, I think we did ok there. And we was also in the planning comity, so we helped if there were something and attended planning meeting every night, but the rest of the time we were ordinary participants.I had a very good weekend, good meetings, preachers, workshops groups and of course the people there. It was nice to spent time with so many youths. For me personal it was also good to play football again, I have misted it the last six weeks.

Every day me and Per took a morning bath at six a clock in the morning, it was lovely and much warmer than what we are used too :p

On Saturday Eivind, Anne Margrethe and Kathrine came and visited us at the camp, they where spending there weekend in Kampala, they where there for some hours before they went back. On Sunday we eat dinner with them in the city before they went home to Mbale and Bunsjeni. It’s was so nice to see them again. And we have started making plans to visit them. Eivind and Thomas I think we have to wait to after the Infield Course, but Anne Margrethe and Kathrine, we maybe can visit next week, for we are planning on going to Rwanda together with them in that weekend, so we will maybe go down to them a day before-

onsdag, november 15, 2006

Host Family

On Friday me and Per finally got a host family. We got the messages, and that the son in our Host family was ready to take us to the house, packed in 10 minutes.
We live only 15 minutes walk from the FOCUS office, so we can walk to work every day, so that is nice. We have no been there for three days, and so fare I like it there. We have not seen or talked so much to our “host parents”, since day have been busy all weekend. The father is a senior pastor at a Deliverance Church, the mother is a nurse. They seem very nice and friendly
Patrick (one of the brothers) and Per
They have 5 sons and some family members so they also see as their brothers and sister. We have talked to some of the brothers, epically the one that lives at the house, and we go along good with them. And they have said they will love to be our African brothers.
we have a guard dog, a cat, a rooster and three turkeys.
The house and our room are also fine.


On Saturday we all four where visiting a friend in the evening. We was 9 people altogether, it was really nice to just hang out with some people. We eat food, talked, listen to music, and laugh. We was talking about having a barbecue, but of several reasons we decided to do that another time, instead we had a good mixture of food; Barbecued sausage, chocolate, chocolate cookies, bread, butter, bananas, banana chips cornflakes, , warm/cold water, milk powder, tee, Coca Cola, honey, juice. So it was really a good mixture :PI hade a good time, fun no finally just hang out with some youths for a evening.

The day after me and Per went together with our Host Family to a really African Barbecue, here the make a lot off food, with much different things.In the picture below you can see me eating :P and Per`s plate with food.

mandag, november 06, 2006

Pizza evening

Saturday evening the girls came to Sam’s house, tonight we were going to make some food that we wanted. So on Friday we decided on what we should make, and want to buy. We decided on Pizza and porridge (Norwegian style, brought all the way from Norway). The girls made everything, and they did a very good job, both the pizza and the porridge was great. They had to go over to Vincent (his neighbour house) to roast the pizza. I did not do so much, took picture and went a little trip to the shop to buy sodas and Pringles. Per helped a little. Since it was a Norwegian porridge, and it was only to put milk into it, warm up and stir, both me and Per said that we could help. Since that we could also do, that was a task we could manage. (first of all, we can also make pizza, but to make pizza back home and here, is some different :P ). Aina said than (Translated in to English): ”Ok, you guys can cook the porridge”, but after she had thought few seconds “But wait, I don’t want the porridge to get burn. So I’ll do it my self” I do it my self, I do it my self. Hehe I laugh so much, almost like saying “boys can’t cook”. By the way I said I have cooked porridge for over 60 people (last year when we hade Christmas decoration workshop, I was in charge for making the porridge), and I made two big casserole with porridge without burning it. So I rest my case :PSo I said this to Aina (with of course irony in my voice) and that I should write about these in my next blog. Hehe JIt was good to have some food you like very much, we have bought pizza in the town sometimes, but homemade is homemade. And to eat Norwegian rice porridge was extra nice. I think I’ll have to ask my mother to send me some packages with rice porridge and maybe some other “light” food. Because it is good to have some food you used to, and that you like very much. Somebody said that “Vestlansk lefse” also was a thing that is easy to send by mail.I now that both she and Ingrid will be reading the blog when I publish it, since I said I will write about this event.

So I will end by writing Tanks for the food, it was really good!!

onsdag, november 01, 2006

First Work out

Finaly yesteday I went for a 30-40 min jogging trip, and then a little pushups and situps.
3 weeks with out traing, thats a least 2 weeks to much. But I do no live in the best area to jogg, but I just had do train:p
I found at my shape is not on top, and that it is harder in the heat, and it is very important to drink water.
One of my bosses should show me a better road to jogg at next time. so that will be nice.

I hope that I can join som people and play som fotball when we have gotten into the system at the university. And I think I shall try and find out when and where CHRISC (KRIK), and maby join that.

Me and Per still live with Sam, but it seems that soon they will find a host family for us, so it will be exiting to see where we shall stay.
Thats all for now, over and out!

Have a nice day