onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Ski weekend and taco night

I went to Hafjell together with around 30 confirmants and 12 leaders. We where sleeping at a school, just 2-3 min walking from the ski tow. It was a great weekend, where we had a lot of time to spend together with the youths and to get to know them.
On Saturday I went together with a group to Indoor swimming pool, where there where 3 pools, a slide and a sauna. The cool thing was that you could see how fast you where down the slide, I was the fastest. (I think that was because I am the biggest and heaviest :p).
On Sunday I went with a group to use sled in the ski hill, it was so cool and fun. And the youth got tired of it before me:pThere where also some teaching, meetings, movie and other fun. And many good meals together:)

On Monday we hade a Hald taco and playing night, since Marte was in town, we where twelve people. The game we played (I don’t remember the name), me team lost. You win some you loose some:p it is always fun to spend time together with Hald people.
You can also read more here Marte in London

onsdag, februar 13, 2008


Per is going to travel to Uganda on Thursday, he stopped a couple of days in Oslo, and today (Tuesday), he invited to a Hald-bowling evening. And it was really fun, Steinar won and showed us how to bowl. It is always good to be together again, at the same time, I also miss the rest of students. Next Monday Marte will be in town, and Eivind the weekend after. I also got to say hello to Hanne Liv when she was here during the weekend.
My dream is that one day all the students that went to Hald with me, will be together, all at the same time, once more.

I will just wish Per a safe journey to Uganda, I really hope that you will get a good time there, I wish I could go also, I miss Uganda. It is strange to think it is 10-11 months since I left Kampala! I learn a lot the time I spent in Uganda, and I am sure that someday I will go back to visit all my friends!

mandag, februar 04, 2008

What goes up must come down!

Here in Oslo it has been snowing a lot lately, and up where I live, the snow lies, at leas for some days. The picture above shows how it should have been for Christmas!

This Friday I went to something called Noche Loca, (crazy night), here they had many activities, such as, quiz, massage, hair cut, Guitar hero, lottery, a café and an American action.All the money the came in, went to a project in Ecuador. I hoped to win a trip to Ecuador on the lottery (I did not) but on the American Action I won/bought a Barcelona training shirt/jacket for 30 kr:)

On Saturday I went together with Oddveig and Wai to help Silje and Åsgeir to build there house, I did a lot of snow shovelling, but I also got to hammer and climb a little, so I enjoyed it! And I am looking forward to see the house went it is finished. On Sunday Oddveig had kakefest, since she has here birthday to day. Happy birthday! We ate cakes and plays Nintendo Wii. I was not good at playing the “guitar” :p in the evening I went and saw the newest National Treasure movie at the cinema, together with Stine. I enjoyed the movie, fun and exiting.

On Saturday morning, I was a little late, so I decided to jump of at one point, and run and take the underground. Yes, I know there was snow, yes I know it can be slippery, but I ran, and UP into the air I went, and of course down I came. As everyone the does such a foolish thing, I stood up straight away, trying to smile and laugh, luckily there was no one watching, and I was ok, except a little cut on my finger, some air went out of me, and a little less pride:p

That’s how a good weekend can be in Oslo ;)