lørdag, oktober 11, 2008

Island in the sun

Last week I spent at home at Godøya, the Island in the sun. I had such a nice time at home, so good to meet my family and friends again. My nephew Mads has grown a lot, and he is very active now, he is rolling here and there. And I am sure he soon going to crawl around the place, maybe the next time I am at home?

On Saturday I got to watch the last home match of my football team this season, they lost this time. But still they have had their best season ever, they ended at 5th place in the 3 division, I am really impressed. Since it was the last home game, the celebrated with giving the supporters some cake.

One thing I really like with being home, is that the “tempo” is quit slower than in Oslo. When I go to shop, I will use much time, since there is so many people I know, even when I was jogging I had to stop to talk to people. And to be close by the ocean, so lovely. I also got to go for a youth evening. On Monday I went for a place to try a “bunad”, so maybe I will get to the next 17 of May, which would be cool.The only thing I did not manage, was to take the ferry, but since there is no svele, I can wait until I go back next time:p