lørdag, mai 10, 2008

Going to Brazil!

Two days after my last exam I am going to Brazil, and are going to stay there for three weeks, I am really looking forward to that, going to visit my father in Rio, and also hoping to travel at meet some of the my friends from Hald last year.

I have now finished two of my exams, have one to go, (not before 2 of June). I think the first when ok, but you never know before you get the grad out.
I still have practice work every week and Grønland, but I like that work, so I am enjoying it.
The weather here in Oslo is very beautiful, with sun and around 20 degrees, so since I now this weekend I am going to enjoy it, since I don’t have read so much.

Last week I was at home, to meet my nephew and my family, it was great, and I am also going home to celebrate the national day, and also to watch the local football derby between Godøy and Valder.