tirsdag, mars 20, 2007

Culture what?

The last weekend me, Aina, Eddie, Faith and Brian travelled north to Lira, a town around five hours from Kampala. (Per was back in Kampala and Ingrid was in Kenya).
We had their training on voluntary staff on Saturday and on Sunday we visited a CU at a University around 45 min from Lira. We had a lot of program during the weekend, so we did not have time to see so much of the town. I got to visit on of my “host brothers” at the place he works, so that was nice.

Care-Groups is something I have worked with almost every week since I came here. So maybe I should tell something about that. That is a group that should have between 3 and 12 members, so we can also say it is small groups. This groups is a part of the CU (Christian Union) at the university, and is one of the ways FOCUS works. We help the different Care-Group leaders with training and information. One of the most important ting is bible study, but also other things as training/talking about important issues like: HIV/Aids, leader training and other subjects that is important for youths.

We also have had some individual talks about reversed culture shock with a counsellor working closely with FOCUS, and tomorrow we are going to have a training all four of us. I do no think that I will have any culture shock when I go back home. We have had two counsellors working with FOCUS since we came, and both have been talking about it is a bigger shock, going back, than coming here. But as stubborn as I am, I still have a very hard time believing it, to be honest I do not see the possibility for me getting a culture shock when go home :p

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Christina sa...

Trur du har d bra i Afrika Uganda m, saa da skal vel ingen av oss klage;)
Men naerma sej slutten no - bare fire-fem uke igjen, og enda kortare for daakke, saa da faar du bevist teorien din om kultursjokk naar du komme heim. Hold mej oppdatert!
Og gleda mej utrulig t aa sjaa dej igjen paa Hald:)

Anonym sa...

Kjempe kjekt å høre fra dej :)
Ej e dårlig når det gjelde oppdatering. hehe :p safaribilda va artige! blei litt misunnelig ja ;) Her heime e alt bra, å håpe alt e bra der med =)

faith sa...

crazy pic!
to be sincere, didnt u get a cultuer shock? coz am really expecting a big one...maybe..hehe!
great blog Kay!