tirsdag, august 07, 2007

Godøya in international homepage

This is the homepage of Focus Uganda
If you look on the page you will find some picures at top of the sides, usualy of people.
But if you take a lookHere, you will se a beatiuful picture of the Island I live on, Godøya.

I left them some pictures, befdre I went back home. But do not now why they have put out that picture on homepage. But is soo cool:)

Here is a sample of the picture:

I will try to update my blog more in the days to come and be better!

2 kommentarer:

Ingrid's blog sa...

He he:)
De syns sikkert at øyå e så vakker!
Og ønska å pryde hjemmesiden me an!:)

Kjekt at du og oppdatere!:) Komme nok t å fylle med på ka som skjer i Tigerstaden her, ja!:)

Hb du kose deg med sommer ferie!
Klemmer fra Ingrid

taisotsubo sa...

Nice to see you are keeping your blog!! =)
I will come to check it out sometimes...
Missing you!!