søndag, november 25, 2007

Working for Hald

The last week I have been driving 2100 km. Why? I have been working for Hald Internasjonale Senter. I have been visiting 10 schools, where I have tried to get people to sign up for Hald next year. Kritisand- Gvarv in Telemark-Bergen-Stavanger-Oslo (and many other places). It was really interesting, and I also got to visit some people. In Bergen I meet Iris, Sandra and Anna-Lena, I want to thank them for housing me, and for a nice visit.In Stavanger I stayed with Ingrid parents, and I also got the house for myself. So thank you all!. I stopped to say Hi to Ole Johan and Ingjerd in Lyngdal, and that was very nice.

I did not bring my camera, so I do not have any pictures to show you. Today I have just rested, but the next days I have to finish two papers and hand them in on Wednesday.On Thursday I am going to London together with my brother and two cousins. On Sunday we are going to see Tottenham (my favourite team) play against Birmingham.And hopefully I will also get to meet Marte.I will of course bring my camera and put out pictures on the blog.

I did not have a map book, I just printed out maps from telefonkatalogen.no, where I saw how to get from a one place to another. The problem is that it is not so good, the maps are small and it doesn’t say which signs to follow. But usually I drove correctly, if I was not sure, I just stopped and asked. When I was going from Bergen to a place called Ølensvåg, the maps told me that I had to take two ferries. The first was easy to find, but the second one I did not find. So I stopped after driving around for a while, asked if somebody could direct me. The answer they gave me was this: There is a tunnel now, the ferry has been down for 3-4 years:pBut I got to all the places in time!!

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Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Bra jobba Kay:)

Ingrid's blog sa...

Høres ut som om du hadde en bra tur!:)
Ingen problem at du lånte rommet mitt, d står jo ganske tomt mesteparten av tiden uansett:)
Eg savne sengen min hjemme- syns d e den beste eg vett!:)

Hb du får ei fine uke!

Elise sa...

Hai Kay!
Synd eg ikkje var i Bergen då du var her, men me får ta det igjen ein annan gong.
Du har faktisk kjørt forbi huset mitt heime på din kjøretur!
Jess, me snakkes!

Anonym sa...