onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Ski weekend and taco night

I went to Hafjell together with around 30 confirmants and 12 leaders. We where sleeping at a school, just 2-3 min walking from the ski tow. It was a great weekend, where we had a lot of time to spend together with the youths and to get to know them.
On Saturday I went together with a group to Indoor swimming pool, where there where 3 pools, a slide and a sauna. The cool thing was that you could see how fast you where down the slide, I was the fastest. (I think that was because I am the biggest and heaviest :p).
On Sunday I went with a group to use sled in the ski hill, it was so cool and fun. And the youth got tired of it before me:pThere where also some teaching, meetings, movie and other fun. And many good meals together:)

On Monday we hade a Hald taco and playing night, since Marte was in town, we where twelve people. The game we played (I don’t remember the name), me team lost. You win some you loose some:p it is always fun to spend time together with Hald people.
You can also read more here Marte in London

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Aina Marie sa...

:-)Hey team-mate!
Takk for en veldig god lørdag! Synes det ble riktig så kjekt!
Vi sees plutselig!