søndag, september 17, 2006


Kari Helene, Marianne, Marit, Silje and Stine
It`s almost to weeks since I have last updated my blog, and that is not good:P I shall try to be better. Like many have found out, I write english know, why? why not:P hehe

Thursday 8 of September we had "Brazilian Night" at the school, because Brazil had their national day on Wednesday 7. We dressed up in Brazilian coulurs, yellow, green or blue. We started this night with at the Brazilian at the school told us some information about the country, showed pictures and some music.

Than we got to try out national dance,
I do not remeber the name,
but is similiar to what we call "polonese" in Norwegian. Her is a picture of Rapaela and Tais in the clothes that they use in this dance.
We ended the evening with eating a national dish called Feijoad (beans, onions, pepper, bacon, rice, pork meat, orange, spicy souce and spices)

At Tuesday 12 of september we had at meating with our boss in Uganda, his name was Sam and he is working for Focus. We got much information about what we are going to do in Uganda, first of all he said that me and Per is going to work in Kampala insted of Mabarara. Aina-Marie and Ingrid is also going to stay in Kampala, we are going to work in 4 schools and also live apart.
picture of Kampala
We are going to live with a host familie or the student we are going to work with at the school. Every day we shall meet at the Focus senter in the start of the day, and on Saturdays we are going to work in a school in the slum, and teach a little. So we four from Hald will se each other:P
Sam is also going to ger married in early Oktober, some time after it is time for the weddig-paty, and this are we invited too:) I will write more about what my work is and of course the wedding when I have got started in Uganda.

The first month at Hald, has gone fast, and has been good. I have gotten to now many nice people and also learn a lot both in class and also from each other students. Especially when it comes to culture understanding.
So I look posetively at the last month at Hald, and of course at the idea of going to Uganda.. :)

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