mandag, oktober 09, 2006


I have not been so good at writing my blog this last month at Hald, I will try to be much better when I am in Kampala.
It`s now less then 10 Hours before I will take the plane to Oslo, and tomorrow we will go from Oslo to Amsterdam, and then to Kampala!!

What can I write about the last month? It has been a very good month, I have had a very good time, I have learned much, and gotten many good friends. We have had a very good fellowship, so all you people from Hald reading this... Thank u and good luck in your practis place:)

This is Per and a fire truck, for a week or two, there was some days (and nights) that there where a problem with the firealarm, and it started many times. The worst was when it started 3 times in a night, so it was little sleep that night:P But at last they found out what the error was, it was bugs in the sensor:P

The two days of september, Fokus and Team Nettverk went to Kristiansand to take part of the Global Leadership Summit. This was a interesting, and I good many good ideas. If you wany to know more about these, you can read here

There is much I should have write about this last month, but now I am not sure what:P so i will end this post with some picture from the farwell party

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