onsdag, oktober 17, 2007

Water problem

Because of a parasite called Giardia and cryptosporidium here in Oslo, I have now to boil water. To use as drinking water for: food, brushing teeth and so on. We got the message today after I had finished eaten breakfast and brushed my teeth! And they say now that this parasite maybe has been in the water for some days. It will take around one or two week before you will get sick (if you get). I have as usually drunk a lot of water the last days.But I am sure I am not going to get sick:)
Of course I have bought some water, it was not easy since all the big bottles has been sold out. Think people has a little panic, but I will just boil some and put in the fridge!

5 kommentarer:

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Et lite glimt tilbake til Uganda? Jaja, lykke til:p

taisotsubo sa...

Your blog is looking different now... nice to see some pictures!
Nice you are writting in English!! =)
Good luck with the water!! hehe
Klem, Tais

Unknown sa...

Du må komme deg til et sivilisert sted snart!

L.DBdS. sa...

hei min venn.. nice to see your blog..so life is continuing at the capital?i miss this cold place very much. does the bacteria in the wather survive to the winter? i hope not..see u

Marte sa...

Stakkars dokke!! Nesten som aa vaere tilbake i Uganda ditta, Kay;)

Haape du forblir frisk som en fisk:D

Stoor klem fra Marte