tirsdag, oktober 02, 2007


Yesterday I was at a birthday party for a friend of mine, it was really nice to meet so many friends. We had a good time with cakes, salads and just talking.After some hours we decided to play a game, at first it was going to be a card game, but than it changed and we played a game called “Fantasi” in Norwegian. I am not sure about what it is in English, maybe imagination or fantasy.

If you do not know this game, I will explain it short: It is a board game, where you have cards with five categories/colours on each card. You play in teams, you role the dices and you land on a colour, and than you are going to mime or draw the thing/name/event that is on your card, and your team have to guess. You have 1 minute on each round. If people do not get what I am trying to mime at first, I am in big trouble, since I am not so good at this game:p

When we where going to decide the teams, one girl said: let’s play boys against girls”. We said ok, since girls is known to play this a lot, and are really good at it, we where the “Underdogs” and had nothing to lose. It was a close game, we changed at having the lead, halfway the girls where leading. But at the end we got the victory. We jumped up and cheered, we where glad:)

So maybe you are reading this, you are maybe wondering: Why does he write about this?Because I thought it was so fun to beat girls in “Fantasi” :)

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Anna - Lena sa...

hehe :)
gratulere me seieren ;p

Nils-Ove Støbakk sa...

BOYPOWER! hehe ;)

Ingrid's blog sa...

he he he:)
så bra!:)

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

utruli arti å lese bloggane til folka i Uganda og kjenne sej so godt igjen:D Skjer i helga der nede da? Ej fær faktisk ikkje me mej ungdomsvika i det heile tatt ej, jobb i mørga og fredag, møte Sandra og folka på laurdag og barnedåp og seinvakt på søndag. So det blir helga mi!