torsdag, mars 27, 2008

Eastern Holiday

Want I want for the Easter holiday was: to spent time with my family and friends. Go to some meetings and also attend some football training. And that was exactly what I did, so I am really happy with my holiday.
I came back on Friday the 14, then my sister had her birthday, and we also celebrated my brother and mother birthday (6 of march). So it was a big family party, a really good evening. I don’t have any picture from that evening. But a week later, some of my cousins went together for pizza and bowling. We had a great time, and it was epically fun to divide up in team and play against each other. One of the teams one, after a dramatic last throw (there where shoe throwing in the "picture" at the last throw!

At home, there have now been meetings at the bedehus, for many weeks, and everyday many people are coming. It was really good to attend some of them, and to feel and see how are enjoying there time there. Had many good meeting, where we got to worship God and listen too many good speaks. Also really especially to see Passion of the Christ together with so many youths. Can read more here

I was lucky to get to attend four football training and to watch one football match. I found out that I have a loooong way to go when it comes to training. But I had a blast, especially with the snow rugby and indoor football.
I am back in Oslo now, trying to be a good student. Papers and exam is soon to be on the calendar. Of course I still have my practice work, and I hope that I will be better to train. On Saturday I am going to go and watch Vålerenga-Ålesund, and there is also many other thing happening here in Oslo in the weeks to come. But what I look mostly forward to, is to become an uncle, not so long before that happens:)

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Unknown sa...

Trivelig med en update fra den gode øya. Her pakkes bunad, og i morra bær det sørover i bryllup. Trur de bli kjekt.

Ha ei fin Oslo-helg!

Ingrid's blog sa...

Hei Kay!:)

Gøy m oppdatering! Hørtes ut som en god påskeferie:)

Ønske deg ei god helg!:)

Klemmer fra Ingrid

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Hørtes ut som du hadde ei veldig bra påske! Kan tenke mej det e lett, når du fær komme heim til Øyane:)
Blir spennende å høre når du blir onkel!
God helg!

Marte sa...

Kjekt å lese, Kay! Ser ut som du har hatt en fin mars-måned:) I London surra livet å går (om man kan si d).
Kjempelykketil me å være en flittig student!
Snakkes forhåpentligvis snart! ;)
Stor klem fra Marte!

Anonym sa...