torsdag, mars 13, 2008

A week in London

Last week I spend in London, together with my class and some teachers. It was an educational trip, where we visited differed kinds of churches, too so different ways of doing youth work.We lived really central, at Piccadilly backpackers, not the best hostel, but good enough! Of course it was a little crowdie to be 6 boys on a small room, but is was also fun! I would say it was a really good trip, I learn a lot from the different visits we had, and also very inspiring for me as a youth leader, too meet so many different kind of good leaders.I hope that I will be able to use some of it in our youth work.The trip was also very good in the way, that we good to know the people in the class better, so many nice people. And they made it a very good trip, and I am looking forward to meet all of them after the Easter holiday.
In London I also was able to meet some people.I meet Sany (a girl from Brazil, going to Hald this year), Margrethe and Christoffer (my Cousin and here boyfriend). And on Sunday I meet my host parents I had in Uganda, and there son. It is always nice to meet good friends, especially people you don’t meet so often. And I was really lucky that my former host parents were in London the same week as me. The world is small:p
A funny story at the end. The people that know me, knows that I am not a good sleeper. I often go to bed late, and I get up early. And especially if I sleep in room with other, I usually early, and of course this happened every day in London…. Except on Monday.The last day, we where going to meet half past nine, so we could sum up the trip, before we check out before 10.We went to bed late, but I said I would wake people up before nine, and of course other one also set there alarms.But what happened, 2 min before we where going to meet downstairs, I woke up, and all the other boys where sleeping. So we hade overslept, and everyone had to pack there bags in a hurry. (I hade luckily showered and packed the night before).It was so strange since my alarm did not go off, and none of the other woke up before. One of the boys, says that he at 10 min to nine, woke up everyone, before he went to sleep again. But since no one remember that, I am no so sure about that. I at least think this story was funny, so I just laugh of it:p

More pictures from London, you can find here (Mostly people from my class)

4 kommentarer:

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

It's definitaly a small world!

Nils-Ove Støbakk sa...

Haha...aldri trudd at DU skulle førsøve dej :P

Ingrid's blog sa...

Hørtes ut som en bra tur!:)
Og så gøy at vertsfamilien va der! HÆ? Går d an å ha mer flaks? :)
Hb alt står fint t med deg!:)
Klemmer fra meg

Stine sa...

haha, kay forsove sej?! Går d an?! Kult:p d hadde ej aldri trudd for å sei d sånn!;)

Men virka som du hadde en fine tur,og så kjekt at du fekk møte vertsfamilien din!!Verden e virkelig liten altså!!!!