tirsdag, juni 03, 2008

Summer holiday

Finally I have finished my last exam and also done my task at my practice place, so now I have summer holiday. This school year has gone so fast, it is crazy:p
I have had a good first year, I like the school and the studies, epically the practice part of it. Of course I can still become better to study;)
From the fall I am going to live together with Per in new apartment, so I am looking forward to that Thomas and Paullete
The last weeks I have done many things, been at home, reading, training, hanging with my friends. The pictures is from when Paulette where in Oslo, and we had a little Hald evening.
Now I am going to pack, so will no write about it. Will try to update my blog from Brazil:)

My favourite team!

2 kommentarer:

Ingrid's blog sa...

Kjekt med en oppdatering!:)

Så gøy du å Per sga bo sammen neste år. Sga nok få tatt meg en Oslo tur å besøk dåkk i løpet av året!:)

Goooood tur t Brasil! Du e heldig!

Sommerklemmer fra meg

Hilde Flydal sa...

Congratulations on finishing (and/or passing) your exams!
May God give you a safe journey and a lot of good memories to bring back with you. Enjoy your stay and welcome back, when ever that is.
Have a great summer!