onsdag, september 24, 2008

In My Life

Again it have not been so good at ordaining my blog, it has been three weeks since last. I have thought about it, but I always think: I will do it tomorrow. Today I will write some, instead of waiting for tomorrow!Since my last update I have done a lot, and instead of writing about everything I will put in more pictures than usual at the end. Pictures say more than thousand words, or something like that!We have had a Hald evening since both Tais and Marte was in town, I have been to Tusenfryd two times. One with my cousins, where we also had breakfast together. And one time together with some friends. People I know have been visiting Oslo, and have had “bed and breakfast” in our apartment. I have been to Kirk Franklin concert, seen Wall-E at the cinema. Been and said farewell to Holmenkollen.

School is also going good, have been a much better student this last week. And I also have to, I am going to have a small test on Friday, and the followings weeks I have two book reports and one small paper to hand in, but I think that will go ok. My practice works is still good, and I am really enjoying it, and getting a little bit more responsibility than last year.

I have a loot to look forward to, tomorrow I and Stine, Per and Merete are going to see the Ylvis show. Next weekend I am going home, I am really looking forward to that, to see my family and friends. To see a football game with my team, to go to a youth evening in the bedehus. So that will be a good weekend!

Here are some pictures from my last three weeks;)

4 kommentarer:

Marte sa...

Så kooslige bilder Kay!! :)

Stor klem!

Stine sa...

mange koslie bilde ja..men du he selvfølgelig lagt ut d samme fæle bildet ta mej so an per ha lagt ut, yeah!:p

kjekt m oppdatering, ska prøve å følge ditt eksempel;)

Kay Amund sa...

Ej bruka ikkje å komentere på min egen blogg:p!
men d va ikkje meininga å bruke samme bilde som Per brukte, ej sa ej sku bruke andre. So ej he no bytta d ut!

Uansett so sønst ej d va et veldig fint bilde av dej;)

Ingrid's blog sa...

Så mange kjekke bilder!:) Ser ut som du har d bra!
Hb testen og sånn gjekk godt!

Sga prøve å få t en oppdatering på bloggen min og snart... e litt trege for tiden, he he:)

Ønske deg ei herlige helg!!!:)