mandag, september 01, 2008

Here, there and everywhere

One of my new friends here in OsloYeah, this is the name of a Beatles song, a group that I always have liked, and lately I have listen to this song and another one called, “in my life”, not the most famous songs from the Beatles maybe? But I really liked them.
Another reason than I have chosen this as the headline for this post is that I many ways feel like I have been here, there and everywhere lately. Time flies here in Oslo, I have started school (I have had a slow start there, since I have started just one of there subjects), I am back working at Grønland church with youth work (It is really interesting, and I thin the fall will be good). Also there are so much things happening of social things, visiting friends, birthdays, Hald evenings, “moving in parties”, playing football with friends and more. So I often go here there everyday. Almost like I have been everywhere since I came here to Oslo;)
Here is a picture when Finni was visting us
We have also started to get the apartment a little more “homely”, have been to IKEA and bought some things.
Per and Stine at IKEA, bad mobile pictureAnd I am sure there is much more we can to do, make the apartment “our own”, but I am not stressing, can take it a little by little.The apartment lies in “down town” in Oslo, and that has its good and bad sides. One thing that I am really enjoying is that is quiet here, I do not hear the traffic and little of the neighbours. I miss to have forest, sea or green are, you feel a little “crushed” here in the middle of the town. Still, so fare so good!
My mother send my some pictures of Mads, he has started eating porridge now. And also a picture of my cats back home.

6 kommentarer:

Prince Williams Mawanda sa...

Hehe, i can imagine the preparations in the new apartment. man congs for the move esp with that nice guy;p looks like yo cat is missing you loads;)


Anonym sa...

Ja no bjønde leiligheta dokka å få et skikkelig heimekoselig preg, tenke dokke fær det bra der :) klem

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Ser ut som han Mads lika graut:) Der blir vel ei busy mormor på Godøya!

Ingrid's blog sa...

Så kjekke leiligheten ser ut!!
Og så herlige Mads e!

Hb du har d godt og nyte helgen!:)

Anonym sa...

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