tirsdag, november 25, 2008

The future

In the move Forest Gump, we get to hear this famous saying “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." What does the future bring?
Some times talks we have, goes into what the future is going to be. What am I doing in ten years? Where am I? What are my dreams? Have I changed much? Who will I be, will I still be me? How will my dreams change? Should I worry about the future today? But if I hade the chance to know, would I want to know?

Einstein said it “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough”.
I am sure I will think about the future later in my life. I think it is fun sometimes to think, and maybe also discuss with people. About how they see the future, what are their dreams? Not because I think it will be exactly like I think it will. But because I think it is interesting, and also to see how my thought about the future change. They are for example different from five years ago, and I am sure in a couple of years, I will have different dreams for the future.
I like what Einstein says, “it comes soon enough.

Mrs. Gump says in the Forest Gump movie “You have to do the best with what God gave you”. I like that; we can never to more than our best. And also that God has given us special talents, which he wants us to use. So I will try to use mine, and do my best.

In Psalm 32, 8 we get this promise: I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you! This is a bible verse that I really have enjoyed lately, and it makes me relax more about the future. To know that God will guide me and have his eyes upon me, gives me peace.

I will end with a thing that one of my friends often says, and that I really like “The most important is not who you are going to be or where you are going or! But who you are, where you are now!”

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Miss Wonderhill sa...

amen, broder kay!

Unknown sa...

Nice one this one Kay! Good words at the end of a long working day. Going home from the office now, but should not complain, as I didn't arrive before 12.. Hope you are doing fine where you are right now. If you want my opinion, I think that you are doing really good (like in doing good for others), whereever you are. God bless you, Kay!

faith sa...

Kay, i've really enjoyed reading yo entries. the quotes are so good. Yo've challenged me to think about these in a more serious sense. oflate, i've been so stressed about my future and all that, but maybe this is the best way to go. we seem to undermine God and yet He says to trust in Him and believe that He's more than able to accomplish all that He's promised.
Thanx for blessing my day, Kay!

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Takk Kay!
Skal jere mitt beste i dag:)
Veldi bra blogg, god å lese og bli minna på at Gud he kontroll, og leda oss. Følge oss Han blir det bra til slutt, sjøl om der kan vere hompa på vein. Oss ser utruli kort fram i tid, so læte oss Gud lede, so bli resultatet bra!

Marte sa...

Kay - veldig fint innlegg! :) Skal lese d to ganga til, slik at e huska alle dei lure tinga! Du e go:)

Stor klem!

Ingrid's blog sa...

Hei, hei!:)

D e så kjekt at du kommentere på bloggen min!:)
Sga prøve å bli like flink som deg å kommentere på blogger!:)

Ja, tenk at d e 2år siden me feira jul i Uganda- wow, tiden går FORT!!

Hb du har ei goe helg!:)

Line sa...

Takk for et bra innlegg! Ah, ditta trengte ej faktisk å lese!

Anonym sa...

nå venter jeg i spenning på bloggposten fra brylupet:-)

-Aina Marie