onsdag, november 12, 2008


As usually much has happened since the last time I updated!
I will not write about everything, in stead I will use just some words,
Here are my chosen words:Small thing and big things. Funny thing and less funny things. Serious and unserious. Much sleep and little sleep. Thinking and thinking too much. Fire and extinguishing. Reading and working. Training and resting. Friends and family. Analysing. Remembering. Visiting and hosting. Young and old. Watching and listening. New friends and old friends. Small and big. Noisy and quiet. City and forest.
If you want to now more, just ask;)
I will try to write a more serious blog update another day;)

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Kristin sa...

hey.. en utfordring.. sjekk ut bloggen min!

Eivind Myhr sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
Eivind Myhr sa...

Review of Kay and/or Per (or none of them)'s bed and breakfast.

I have now used this hotel on three different occasions, with different staff, and also with different rooms.
At two of the occasions, the breakfast was really good, tasty and with good service. The last time, I went for the "self-service" package, where I got the whole hotel for myself, and had to prepare my own breakfast.

The beds are outstanding, the bathroom is "classic" and proven, and so is the kitchen. The newspaper arriving outside the appartment most mornings ads an extra twist to the experience, together with the multimedia entertainment package, containing Playstation 2 and two classic computers of distinctive character.

When there is a host (or two), they/he are/is always friendly. It seems like the motto is something like "if you're happy, I'm happy!".

I will recommend this bed and breakfast facility for travellers and businessmen and women of all kinds. I am not sure whether it is tried out by families yet, but I am sure the friendly hosts would find a solution also for a family with several kids.

I don't have a dice here, but if i had five of them, they would all show the same, Yatzy! And a yatzy with six dots on each dice.

Ruth sa...

hehe, så kult bilde ;)
veldi informativt innlegg hehe ;p
satse på at alt e bra vertfall!

Per Oddvin Stornes sa...

Et morsomt innlegg, som beskrive litt den siste mnd din:p