søndag, januar 14, 2007

3-2-1- BUNGEE

from Wednesday to Sunday, we where 14 students and 2 teachers from Hald at Blue Mango Hotel in Kampala. Where there for our Infield course, we had some teaching, reflections, counselling and of course a lot of social. I had a really good time, it was so fun to be together with so many friends again, to share good and bad thing so fare in our stay abroad, and also to get advice from the teachers and the other students.In my room we where six guys, at three two-storeyed bunk, so it was quit cramped. But that was ok, because we where out of the room most of the day, and it was so fun to just talk nonsense (Tullprat) too late in the night:pHade some really good days. So thank you all, I look forward to see you all at Hald again.

Before I finish this blog, I have to say something about when we went Bungee jumping, because that was soo cool and fun. (Just for the record, the Bungee we did at our spare time, so the school did not organise it.) We hade to jump from at tower, which was 44 meters from the water surface, and what a kick it was to jump, you are trying not to look down, but of course you do, your heart is pumping more than unusual, and than the bungee guide says “3-2-1-BUNGY”, and you have to jump and bungee. It was so cool to be in the air, and than straight in to the water (you could choose if you wanted to touch the water or not). I hade three jumps, the first and the second was lovely, and I hade almost my half body in the water. The last jump, was crazy, since I was the last person jumping, I got some extra rope, so I think almost all my body was under water (maybe except the ankles). I can describe it, but it felt good and was a really adrenaline kick!!!Here I have put some pictures together of my jump. (The pictures is taken by Aina M Svendsen and Øystein Ruud)

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Oi amigo!:)

Muita treta! Mas agora nos temos uma nova vista!:)

Muito, muito legal!=) Skummelt, men haerli!:) Ja, daakke e toffe!:)
Eu quero tambem! men d faer bli til en anna gong! Du e no so erfaren no, so du kan sikkert ta mej med en gong!;) hehe..

Ser meir befriandes ut enn 30tima med buss paa 3 daga....Men oss hadde en flott tur likevel! Mektig natur! dersom du skal i traktene en gong, so annbefalast d virkeli aa ta sej en tur dit!:)

Fica con Deus!:)

klem fraa Ragnhild=)

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