lørdag, januar 20, 2007

Children camp

I am sitting writing this blog, when I really should have been sleeping, because I have trouble holding my eyes open today. But as often before, when I am really tired, I manage to everything else except sleeping, for example: writing a blog. (That I am not going to publish before tomorrow, and therefore could have written it than). It will be good to sleep long tomorrow.The Infield course ended at Sunday, and of course we did not sleep so much there and then straight to the Focus’s children camp from Monday to Thursday. At there we have to stand up before 6.Am and than I had to take the kids for a jogging trip, in the evening they where very awake, and did all other things than sleep (does it sound familiar? :p).

But if you have a good time, you don’t need so much sleep, and I hade a god time. And is also very giving to see the children so happy, and to see they are really having a good time, who need sleep than. There are many things to tell about the camp, everything from swimming in the Victoria Lake to all the different seminars we had.I will just write short about two things I remember wellthe first was when they where going to have a “street” dancing contest between the to kids pros jet that was on the camp. (FOCUS and another nearby pros jet). I have seen this kids dancing in the evening early at the camp, and they can really dance. But suddenly now, nobody wanted to dance, everyone sat there. So I thought: “Yeah, Yeah. If I go a dance, people will get a good laugh, and see that they can at least do better than this crazy Mozungo”, so I went and “challenged” one of the leaders from the other pros jet. And we where going to street dance against each other.I do not know who won, because luckily for me, he is the only one I have meet from Uganda ( and many other countries), that is almost as poor as me at dancing :p But people laugh and had fund, and we did also.Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride, and be a little crazy:p
(I haven’t got any picture from the dance yet, but I shall try to get and put it out)The second was when we where make chapaties, they where going to make around 250, and they where planning to use a couple of hours or so, but it took much longer, think they started before six pm, and finished around 1.Am. Why they did use so long time? I do no knowbut I used the opportunities to take some pictures and films, and of course also try to make it my self. So I think I will try to make some after I go back homehere is a picture of me in action.And thirdly (I know I wrote to thing, but this is still the third)It is good to see how people here in Uganda, sings and moves at church and meetings, and the rhythm they have here is really nice and gets you in a good mood.But tonight when we came back to our host family, and there we prayed and sang a little bit together, and it was nice and relaxing to sing these there songs: As a deer, what a friend we have in Jesus and. The two first songs, I love so sing in my church back home (and of course here, when I get the chance), specially when we have meeting where both youth and old people are. I love this “bedehussanga” (old Christian hymns).I just felt to mention these.
Today (or tonight) I will end by posting a lucky shoot I made with my camera. I will just call it The Butterfly and Per

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