onsdag, januar 24, 2007

Why is it suddenly so quiet in the morning?

When I came back from the children camp, there was something missing in the morning, I am nor sure what, but I slept very good, and nobody or thing woke me up in the middle of the night. The same happened the two next days, before I started to wander where the rooster had gone. I asked the people in the house if it was the rooster that we had eaten the day before, but it was not it. A little bit later into the supper I heard my good friend, the rooster crow, but not from outside, but from the garage!!!!In the night the goat also get to come into the garage, but in the day, he gets to go out again, but the rooster has to stay in the garage all day long.

So what I am wondering now is “What is the rooster doing in the garage?
a) Are we going to slaughter it soon and eat it?
b) Have the family put it here, because it wakes me up so early?
c) Is the rooster watching the car?
d) Have the turned the garage to a pet house?
e) Or is there another explanation? And what is it?

What do you think?Write your answer as a comment.The best (or funniest) answer will get to download free, a picture of the rooster/cock!!!!

Another animal is the Turkey. First off all, he are not allowed to get into the garage, not in the day and not in the night, he has to go outside all day long. At least a couple of times during the last week I have said to Per “This Turkey, he is a stupid, stupid animal”. But why do I say this about a innocent animal???Ok, in the morning when I am going to take a shower, I go out, and see this animal standing knocking his bill (nebb) against the car. When I am going to work, he is still doing it.When I come back from work, he is still on it. When I come back from my run, he is still knocking.

People says to me that the reason is that he sees him self in the car (like a mirror), and therefore he knocks the reflected image. I can buy this explanation, which he thinks he sees another turkey, but still, when he does this all day long, day after day, he must get the point soon. (And some times the car alarm start in the middle of the night, and then I often hear this animal, so I think maybe he also in the middle of the night, goes at start knocking on the car).I know it is not nice to call somebody or something stupid, so I am really sorry for calling this Turkey stupid, maybe I should just say “this less intelligent animal”

3 kommentarer:

Ingrid's blog sa...

Du får virkelig erfare fjærkrekene her i Afrika!!;)

Me tror hanen e på ferie i garasjen;)

Horre (eller någe sånt..)!!:)

Aina og Ingrid

Nils-Ove Støbakk sa...

The rooster is going to leave you. He is going to England to pose for the new Tottenham Hotspur logo!


Anonym sa...

ha ha, det er dódsmorsomt à lese bloggen din, Kay! Stà pà og skriv fleire morsomme innlegg!
Elise i Peru