lørdag, januar 20, 2007

Nordic Sportsday

Today I have been on the Nordic Sporstday here in Uganda. There were both competition sports and just social sports. Since Norway had a quiet small group, I had do been en many of the activities, but that’s was fine with me. Denmark had at least three times as many participants as Norway, and Sweden twice.I ran 3,6 Km (Norway came 1,2 and 5 (me :p), than almost everyone swam 300 meters, before I was in the Norwegian swimming relay team, sadly we came last there. In the football we lost again a Danish team, beat Sweden two times, and beat another Danish team, so that was fun. Good to play some football again. I scored two goals, of course it is not so serious, and the level was not so high, but it is always fun to put the ball in the goal :pThan in the Running relay race and the tug of war Norway came second. Overall Denmark won, Sweden second and Norway third.The most important it not to win, but to compete ;)

I hade a great day, got to meet many new people, and got to do a lot of training, and I really need that:p and I liked very much to play football again. And there are some Danish abased people that are training every Tuesday nearby, so I could join them, so that is really great.

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Jan Harald sa...

Kay da? Trudde du va som ei gaselle på savannen i yndlingsgreina 3.600 meter? :B Hehe, GO NORWAY! We kill whales just for fun ;-)