onsdag, oktober 18, 2006

Day off

Today we have the day off from the office, so me and Per is in the town and sitting on a internett cafe.. So I will write a littlebit more on my blogg. I hope that the next time I also can put out a picture or two.

Yesterday we was told that me and Per is in fact going to work together after all, so that is good. We are going to work at university called MOBS. On monday we was on that school, and attended a meeting with the care group leaders. I look forward to start go their, think we will start next week. We are going to have a meeting on Sunday, where we are going to find out how ofte we shall work at the office and how often we shall work at MOBS.
We started yesterday to do some work in the FOCUS office, it felt good to do something:P

2 kommentarer:

Stine sa...

Hoeres ut som du he d bra der borte i Afrika! Og kjekt aa hoere at du og Per skal jobbe ilag likevel, d bli sikkert bra:) Ser fram til aa faa vite mer om arbeidet dokke skal gjer!!:)

Kleeem :)

Rafaela Fernanda Schroeder Speckhann sa...

I'm so glad that you blog is in English, because I can read it!

Jeg er så glag at bloget ditt er på engelsk, fordi jeg can lese det!


I know that it is full of mistakes, but I'm trying!

Ha det bra!