mandag, oktober 16, 2006

In Uganda

it’s now Sunday, we have been in Uganda and Kampala since Tuesday. It has been some good days, little bit ups and downs, but I am looking forward to start to work it the universities, which we will do in some days. My first impression of Uganda is very good; especially the people are very friendly and warm. I feel so welcome every where I go. Of course there is also some thing to get used to, like the food, the power situation (it is never easy to say when we have power or not), the climate, and also this “African time”. But the will come with time, so I am not worried about that. There are also many internet cafes to use, but we have not had any chances yes, so now I am using the internet in the office of Focus. I think also that the speed of the internet is mostly slower here, so I am not sure about who it will be to put out so many pictures. They have advertise poster of broadband, so I hope I can find a internet café with higher speed (maybe also at the universities)The first days we stayed at a guest house just outside the city of Kampala, it was a very nice place. On Friday we moved to Sam`s house, the girls is going to move to their host family today, me and Per is going to stay here the first month, before we move to live together with a STAM Worker. Aina and Ingrid is going to work at Makerere University here in Kampala, around 30 000 students go there. Per is going to work at Mobs, a university just outside Kampala. I am going to work at a University just outside Entebbe, around 1 hour from Kampala, but there is a chance I will move to a closer one, since it could be a lot travelling each days, because of there is a lot traffic jams, it could easily take over 1 ½ hour every way. So it will be exiting to see.Our nearest neighbour now is a “Mosque”, and they have prayers several times true the day, with one of the speakers is directly up to Sam’s house. The last prayer is finished at 10pm. the first starts a little bit over, and since I weak up easily I think I have to try go to bed before I usually do:P to day (Sunday) luckily it was no service at the morning, but I woke up at and just lie in my bed and waited for them to start, but I think I got an hour sleep, before I went out bed.On Saturdays we are going to work at a school for children up to 20 years, but mostly younger than 15. This is children from the slum, that Focus gives the chance to an extra day of school. Here they learn: English, life skills, health and bible studies. They also get some meals true the day. Of course there is time to play and have fun also. This day we just were there to observe, to talk to the kids and the staff. But in the future we are also going to try to teach a little bit, that will be a fun challenge, especially with my handwriting on the blackboard: P At the evening Sam had invited some of his families and friends to dinner, this was a good end to a good day. The food good and the people were nice. So when the power did go off for the second time (but it did no destroy the good mood), we just decided to go to bed, after a shower. I think I was finished showering, writing on my laptop, reading, listening to music and praying before the clock was more than 22.30. And I think I was sleeping before eleven. So I think this is a new record for a Saturday :PToday we to a Kampala Pentecostal Church, I think there were around 1500 people for this service, and they have 4 services on Sundays. And four other smaller churches around the city. It’s was a nice service, and next week they are going to have KPC festival of hope, there Brian and Bobbie Houston from Hillsong will attend (and more). They are going to have most of this festival outside (from Thursday to Sunday). They hope that around 15 000 people will attend the big outdoors Sunday meeting.I hope that I will have the chance to update my blog at least one time a week and that I also can put some picture out.Hope all of you people reading this are in good mood and have a good health

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Nils-Ove Støbakk sa...

Godt å sjå at du e i live og he klart å lurt dej inn på nettet.

Men...viss du hadde hørt på mej og installert Picasa, hadde du enkelt kunna laga bilda mindre, so du ikkje hadde trengt so raske linje for å legge ut bilde ;P