fredag, oktober 27, 2006

So far, so Good

Picture from Amsterdam Airpot

I have no been in Uganda for 15 days, and I like it here. These week we also have started to organising the work we are going to do here, and we have also been visiting the university a couple of times, and have meet some of the people we are going to work together with, so that is good. The last days it has been raining a lot, and the temperature has gotten a little bit down, but for me, it had made it easier so sleep at night, but people tell me all the time, just wait, it will get warmer. And for me it is warm enough now :p

I have also gotten to do a lot of reading, both books from Hald and other books. It is good to have something to read while you are waiting, or some music to listen to. I have written two book reports, just one left before Christmas, but I also have to start writing the paper I have to do, before Christmas we have to write something about culture. The paper is not so big, and I have some ideas abut what I shall write about, and how to collect the information. So my plan is to be finished before the end of November.

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