mandag, oktober 09, 2006

Last days at home

I have had some good days at home these weekend, I have gotten to meet many friends and family members, so I think I am ready to go to Uganda now, just have to pack first, but it is over 9 hours to the plane lives still. I think wil write some words about this weekend, and post som picture, while I am waiting for the Grandiosa to be finished ;)

On Friday after I came home, my mother has invited my, Grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins to supper. This was very fun, because for me family is very important, and I like it when we are together, it is always fun:) I will realy miss them all.. The same evening I was on a little trip to my local church, where there was a youth evening, where people could come and have fun, it was nice to see people again.

On Saturday I were on a little trip to Ålesund to buy the last thing before I go. My and Per went togethere, and we meet: Stine, Marte, Ragnhild and Chrstina. 6 of the 7 Sunnmøringa from Hald:P In the evening it was to watch a football match and be social..

On Sunday it was time for the last fotballmatch for my team for these season, we lost 4-3 againg HaNo, but it was nice to have a last time together withe my team mates, and if was fun to play a little..
At the evening me and 9 of my friends had a bibelgroup, this was good to have before I go to Uganda, and I special when we prayed for every time, one at each time, was a good ting to take with me to a new countrie...

I think I should go and do something useful now, and I promise to be better updating my blog in the futere;)

Here is some picture from the fotballmatch and biblegroup;

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