mandag, desember 18, 2006

All you need is love

Why do I write these as a headline for my blogg post? Is it because I really believe it? Is it because I really love to listen to Beatles song? Or is it because in the last eight days, I have been to a Wedding, a 30-years wedding anniversary party and an end of year meeting for the singles in the DC Churches in Kampala?

Here, there, everywhere

Yeah, it started with a wedding last Saturday, when our boss Sam Opolot finally got Alice as a wife, it were a nice wedding, where we four Norwegian “had” to sing a couple of verses of the song “O`store Gud”, and I also mad a little introduction speech to the song. Luckily the three other ones are good singers, and I was sure not to hold the microphone:P
and there was a lot of dancing in between the speeches. (Søse dansing for å sei d på fint norsk :P). Here is a picture of the wedding couple. I think maybe Sam says to Alice “ I Want To Hold Your Hand”

On the following Friday our hostmother`s sister and husband was celebrating there 30th wedding anniversary, and Masters Kay & Peer was of course invited. (On the envelope and in the invitation card, there in fact stood Masters in front of our name. I think that’s was very funny, so I am going to save them). I liked the party very much, many good and funny speeches and stories. And I also think it is very good to so see that the husband still can make his wife blush, when he gives here so many different names in his speech, lovely. I can easily say to him She Loves You.

On Sunday it was time for the yearly meeting for the singles in the DC churches here in Kampala, and of course, me and Per attended that also. We almost had to find out who the singles celebrates their parties. They discuss a couple of things, that I think was just a small t thing, and should be over in less than 10 minutes. But in the culture they love to discuss, so it took almost two hours, Help. But it also a good thing to think that we can work it out. The meeting was ok, and it was fun when our good friend and workmate Apollo, was elected to be the president in the club for the next two years. So here is a picture of the El Presidento

And since we are into singles, I just want to send a warm message back home, in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve (in Norwegian it is much easier, we just say Romjul), our Singles club (BedeHusKaraUtenKvinne) are going to have their yearly meeting. I just hope and try to Imagine that next year there our club will contain less members (our goal is to end the club:P )

I fell fine but Please Mr.Postman look and see if there is a letter in your bag for me, at least my mother has sent my letters, and the first she sent for over seven weeks ago. (not Yesterday). Of course I look forward to Get back home, but still I like the time I spend here in Uganda, and look forward to the time to come.
From Me To You here is a little Christmas greeting: Hello, Goodby, Let it Be a good and friendly Christmas for you all.

How many names of Beatles songs can you find in this text?

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Gillian G Mwaura/Edube sa...


Anonym sa...

du er flink til à oppdatere bloggen din du òg, kay! kjempegóy à lese, du skriv sà morosamt!
God jul! Feliz navidad!

Anonym sa...

Fann åtte sanga...e d rett? Eller he du lagt inn endå fleire? :)

Anonym sa...

Hei Kay Amund
Tenke oss skulle sende ei lita julehelsing til deg frå oss nede i Støbakk. Du skulle ha vore heime no og hjelpt disse fotballgutta. Neste år reknar dei med å vinne når de me e heime :) Håper du fortsatt har det fint og at du får oppleve å ha ein fin og varm jul! Juleklem frå tante Janne og onkel Oddbjørn m/fam.

Frank sa...

hi there, looks like you are having fun, it is good thing. Well, just wanna say merry christmass!