onsdag, desember 06, 2006

The story of the hunt for “Sjokoladepålegg” (chocolate spread)

For the people that don now. Me and Per have searched all Kampala many times for chocolate spread (for ex: Nugatti, Sjokade or Nutella), we found that they had Nutella, but in Kampala all was/and are still sold out. And we have asked several times “When does the Nutella come in?” Maybe next week people tell us, every time. But to the point, on Friday, in the first shop vi visited in Kigali, what do we find in the shelves. Nutella and another brand, so me and Per have no 4 jars with Chocolate spreads. And hopefully they will have gotten more in Kampala, before we are finished with those
So what to search for next? Maybe Brunost and Stranda mør?

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