onsdag, desember 06, 2006

Trip to Bushenyi and Rwanda

On Wednesday we went to Bushenyi (me, Per, Aina and Ingrid) to visit Kathrine and Anne Margrethe. We stayed there until Friday morning when we all six went to Rwanda, where we stayed to Sunday. I hade a very good time, and there is a lot to tell, but I am not going to bore you with too much, so I will just tell a couple of things that we did do.On our trip south we stopped at the equator line, this was really cool, we could now be at the north, middle, and south and once. They also showed us a experience, the water in north and south will go different way, and in the middle, it will just go straight, if you pore water bucket (with hole) and let in pore out. Hard to explain, but I have filmed it, so when I come back I am going to showed it. It was something everyone should see, was so cool.
Bushenyi is a lovely place, and I fell much more relax there, than I am in Kampala, because it is so much more peaceful and the scenery is so beautiful.

So what about Rwanda and Kigali (the capital), I liked this town very much, its is very clean and beautiful. On Friday we just walk a little bit around the town, before we found a place to eat, I order spaghetti Bolognese, and it was so good, one of the best spaghetti I have ever eaten. On Saturday we were on another place, and eat pizzas, this were also very good, so I have a good experience with the food in Rwanda. Yeah, I now that I only ate Italian dishes :p
On Saturday we first visited a church where there in 94 was a massacre and than a Museum, the stories we where told and learn there, were so strong. In the church we visited, there was once 10 000 lock and killed inside the church. I can believe that people could and can do such ting to each other. I have no words to describe it, but I thing people should be told the stories, so that maybe we will learn, and than it will never happen again.We spend the day with and Australian backpacker, that luckily for us spoke very good French, so he could translate for us. Since the in Rwanda spoke French.I had a good time in Rwanda, and I my only regret is that we did not have more days to spend their.

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Anonym sa...

Hei Kay Amund!

Takk for hyggelig melding. Godt å høre positive ord om Aina Marie:-)

Har sittet og lest på bloggen din om turen til Rwanda. Sterkt!! har jo fulgt med i aviser og media, og vet det var GRUSOMME tilstander der nede. Ufattelig at menneskene ER slik mot hverandre.

Men maten hørtes jo topp ut, og roen også. Inbiller meg at Kampala er litt "bråkete".
Tipper du har hatt fransk på skolen, for jeg hadde følt meg relativt hjelpeløs om DET språket var hovedspråket. Kanke et ord av det jeg :-)

Lykke til videre med tiden der nede - og hils så mye til Aina Marie.

Her er det ville førjuls-tilstander. Folks rikdom og bruk av penger kan være kvalmende....

Hilsen fra Kaja i Langesund.
(skal snart få inn nytt innlegg i bloggen min jeg også)