mandag, desember 11, 2006

To sleep or not to sleep

Is to wake up at 2.AM and not managing to go sleep again a good ting or a bad ting?To find that out I will look at the different tings, and put them in Negative or Positive

Positive: - Have good time to read
- Can listen to your mp3 player.
- When the cook crows at 4.Am outside your window, you are already awake, so he dose not wake you up. Also at 4.15. 5.00, 6.00 and so on.
- You can sneeze-
- When the Cook at 4.30 has problems to crow, you can laugh.
- When the car alarm goes off, outside your window at 5.15. You are still not a sleep, so it will not wake you up.
- You have good time to think about the people that means a lot to you.
- You can think about your future, try to find out something clever.
- Since the power the last days, has been gone true the day, and only comes back in the night (3.30 Am I think), you can charge your mobile phone that is completely out of power.
- When the Alarm on your phone says it is time to stand up, you are already up.
- You will probably sleep a lot better the following night.

- You will maybe be a little tiered true the day.
- You will maybe have a little bit headache
- When you stand up you still do not have a clue for what you are going to do in the future.
- You now that the cook will try again next night, and several times
- If you sneeze too much, you will wake up your roommate.

- You can use your laptop, to play a game, watch movies, series, write your paper, blogs, and mails. (The problem is that I do not want to wake up my room mate, but if you have your one room and laptop you have many possibilities.
- You can train.
- Write letter for hand (if you like that).

So after I have looked at this, I just have to say that there is not any question about that staying awake true the night, has to be a positive ting. So if you think that the day has to little hours to do what you want, there is a lot of possibilities true the night.

Some question at the end.
1) I thought that the role to the cook was to wake up farmer, when the sun stands up. So can you tell me why he “cries” all true the night?2) Would you ever think about having a cook as a pet? Give me a good reason
3) What do you thing about my list? Do you a
ree? Or would you put it up a little different?

My bed

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Anonym sa...

halloen kay:)
håper det går bra der nede..
Det er første gang ej e inne å lese på bloggen din,so ej veit egetlig ikke so mye om det du drive på med.Men skal sjekke ut sia di meir seinere:)
En førjuls hilsen fra Jøgvan m/fam;)

Anonym sa...


Du må søve om natta, Kay! hehe :)

Hanne Liv sa...

Hei! morro å høre åssen du har det. Synd å høre at du ikke får sove om natta da, men.. Endelig på internett så tenkte jeg skulle prøve å oppdatere meg litt på åssen folk har det rundt omkring!
Ønsker deg en riktig god jul og et velsignet nytt år!

Klem fra Hanne Liv
ps. hils også til resten av teamet her fra Madagaskar

Aina Marie sa...


håper du lo når hanen ikke klarte å gale klokke halv fem - for jeg lo meget godt da jeg leste det!

du er god du kay

vi sees i morratidlig :)

Ragnhild sa...

hahaha...en opplagt positv ting!;p
Godt du hadde hanen der daa, saann du hadde naakke aa le av!=) En go latter forlenga livet, vettu!;)

Du he no virkeli tatt paa ordet "du skal ikkje sove bort sumarnatta..." hehe...

Sov godt!=)

klem fra Ragnhild:)

Gillian G Mwaura/Edube sa...

that is a cool cock,,,, maybe you should eat it for christmass,,,, yah,,,,, its fun reading your blog......soo much ,,,,,,,

Gillian G Mwaura/Edube sa...

yah i have a reason of having a cock as a pet,,,,, you can eat it when its boring ,,,,, yah good idea ,,, and it helps you keep time ,,,mmmmmmm

Gillian G Mwaura/Edube sa...

have you been able to see my blog?.... am viewing your blog,,,,, now,,,,