mandag, november 27, 2006

On Sunday, me, Per, Aina and Ingrid went with Jeb to Jinja, around to hours driving from Kampala. First of all this is a really a lovely little town comepared to Kampala, much more peaceful, cleaner and much more greener. The first thing we did there, was to visit the Source of the Nile, it is here where the River Nile starts. After that we went into the town to eat lunsj, before we went to another place, where we saw falls. Both of these places was so lovely to see, and also when we drove from Kampala to Jinja, the land was so green and open.If am lucky, I will get to put out some pictures to show you, that is much better than me telling you how it looks.

On Saturday I was in my first wedding here in Uganda, for Nicolas, one that works for FOCUS, and also stay with Sam (Where me and Per lived before), so we have gotten to now him. Weddings in Africa is bigger than in Norway, they had invited up to 400-500 people, in Uganda you invited everyone you now. So of course everyone is going to get server food. It was a nice wedding, of course some different compeard to Norwegian weddings. There where a lot of speeches, but neither the groom, bride or the best man spook, something that I am used to from home.
Ingrid, per og Aina

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Anonym sa...

400-500 gjesta? hårreheisann! til og med slektsselskapa våre bli små sammenligna me slikt :P

ka dokke fekk te mat da?

Anonym sa...

hei sjalabeis!

Hva annet kan vi si enn at det første bildet er vakkert. Det andre bildet : wellwell. Vi har det i alle fall løye!

Løye blir det vel i Rwanda også!

Kakelakker og myggmiddel fra B-gjengen (altså oss fra Bweyogerere)

Anonym sa...

Hei Kay Amund.
Kjekt å følge med på bloggen din.
Høyrest ut til at dokke fær oppleve mykje, andre kulturer og fremmed mat. Ja, og bryllup her heime blir berre småtteri sammenligna med det dei har der.
Take care!
Klem frå tante Jofrid og onkel Jan

Anonym sa...

holdt du tale? ;)

Gillian G Mwaura/Edube sa...

haaa good pictures i bet so ,,,, how about the sun, can you just send me a picture of the sunlight,,,,i miss it am gonna hug it when i come back to africa,,,,