mandag, november 06, 2006

Pizza evening

Saturday evening the girls came to Sam’s house, tonight we were going to make some food that we wanted. So on Friday we decided on what we should make, and want to buy. We decided on Pizza and porridge (Norwegian style, brought all the way from Norway). The girls made everything, and they did a very good job, both the pizza and the porridge was great. They had to go over to Vincent (his neighbour house) to roast the pizza. I did not do so much, took picture and went a little trip to the shop to buy sodas and Pringles. Per helped a little. Since it was a Norwegian porridge, and it was only to put milk into it, warm up and stir, both me and Per said that we could help. Since that we could also do, that was a task we could manage. (first of all, we can also make pizza, but to make pizza back home and here, is some different :P ). Aina said than (Translated in to English): ”Ok, you guys can cook the porridge”, but after she had thought few seconds “But wait, I don’t want the porridge to get burn. So I’ll do it my self” I do it my self, I do it my self. Hehe I laugh so much, almost like saying “boys can’t cook”. By the way I said I have cooked porridge for over 60 people (last year when we hade Christmas decoration workshop, I was in charge for making the porridge), and I made two big casserole with porridge without burning it. So I rest my case :PSo I said this to Aina (with of course irony in my voice) and that I should write about these in my next blog. Hehe JIt was good to have some food you like very much, we have bought pizza in the town sometimes, but homemade is homemade. And to eat Norwegian rice porridge was extra nice. I think I’ll have to ask my mother to send me some packages with rice porridge and maybe some other “light” food. Because it is good to have some food you used to, and that you like very much. Somebody said that “Vestlansk lefse” also was a thing that is easy to send by mail.I now that both she and Ingrid will be reading the blog when I publish it, since I said I will write about this event.

So I will end by writing Tanks for the food, it was really good!!

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Aina Marie sa...


Sorry Borry!
Jeg bøyer meg i støvet, ler godt og lover deg at du skal få røre så mye du vil i grøten neste gang - og neste gang og neste gang.

Hvorfor kan ikke jeg svi grøten når Drammensveien?

Lenge leve team-Uganda.

Anonym sa...

Hei, hei Kay Amund!
Spennende å følge med oppdateringane dine på bloggen. Vi er stadig innom for å sjekke korleis du har det. Det blir nok sendt nedover både risengrynsgraut og vestlandslefse etter siste innlegg :)God bless you!!!
Stor klem frå tante Janne og onkel Oddbjørn

Anonym sa...

Som søster kan ej no meddele at du e veldig flink til å lage mat! :) I allefall toro retta! ;) So dei hadde vør i trygge hende!

Anonym sa...

Bjørn vartdal
Hei det er kjekt å lese bloggen din og følge med hvordan du har det. Smakte nok godt med norsk mat ja :-).Kjekt dere koser dere.Ha det fortsatt fint

Anonym sa...

Miss u Kay!!

Håpe du he d bra dær nede.


Rafaela Fernanda Schroeder Speckhann sa...

Hi, Kay... so it means that if I come back to Norway, one day (maybe in honeymoon, why not =0)) you are going to offer me a very good meal? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Ha det!