onsdag, november 01, 2006

First Work out

Finaly yesteday I went for a 30-40 min jogging trip, and then a little pushups and situps.
3 weeks with out traing, thats a least 2 weeks to much. But I do no live in the best area to jogg, but I just had do train:p
I found at my shape is not on top, and that it is harder in the heat, and it is very important to drink water.
One of my bosses should show me a better road to jogg at next time. so that will be nice.

I hope that I can join som people and play som fotball when we have gotten into the system at the university. And I think I shall try and find out when and where CHRISC (KRIK), and maby join that.

Me and Per still live with Sam, but it seems that soon they will find a host family for us, so it will be exiting to see where we shall stay.
Thats all for now, over and out!

Have a nice day

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