fredag, november 24, 2006

National Leadership Summit

Last weekend we where attending Focus’s national Leadership Summit. There was between 150-200 participants, mostly student’s leaders, but also some that works with FOCUS in different ways. The camp lied around an hour outside Kampala, along with the Victoria Lake. It was so nice to go out of the city, to stay near the lake and where there is open land. Our responsibility were to lead a bible group each every day, I think we did ok there. And we was also in the planning comity, so we helped if there were something and attended planning meeting every night, but the rest of the time we were ordinary participants.I had a very good weekend, good meetings, preachers, workshops groups and of course the people there. It was nice to spent time with so many youths. For me personal it was also good to play football again, I have misted it the last six weeks.

Every day me and Per took a morning bath at six a clock in the morning, it was lovely and much warmer than what we are used too :p

On Saturday Eivind, Anne Margrethe and Kathrine came and visited us at the camp, they where spending there weekend in Kampala, they where there for some hours before they went back. On Sunday we eat dinner with them in the city before they went home to Mbale and Bunsjeni. It’s was so nice to see them again. And we have started making plans to visit them. Eivind and Thomas I think we have to wait to after the Infield Course, but Anne Margrethe and Kathrine, we maybe can visit next week, for we are planning on going to Rwanda together with them in that weekend, so we will maybe go down to them a day before-

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Ragnhild sa...

Hoyrtast deili ut aa komme sej ut av byen litt!:) og bading om morgonen gjer alltids godt!;)Kos daakke videre! I maargaa skal oss paa ungdomsleir. D tru ej bli kjekt!=)
Gud velsigne dej!
klem fraa Ragnhild:)