onsdag, november 15, 2006

Host Family

On Friday me and Per finally got a host family. We got the messages, and that the son in our Host family was ready to take us to the house, packed in 10 minutes.
We live only 15 minutes walk from the FOCUS office, so we can walk to work every day, so that is nice. We have no been there for three days, and so fare I like it there. We have not seen or talked so much to our “host parents”, since day have been busy all weekend. The father is a senior pastor at a Deliverance Church, the mother is a nurse. They seem very nice and friendly
Patrick (one of the brothers) and Per
They have 5 sons and some family members so they also see as their brothers and sister. We have talked to some of the brothers, epically the one that lives at the house, and we go along good with them. And they have said they will love to be our African brothers.
we have a guard dog, a cat, a rooster and three turkeys.
The house and our room are also fine.

3 kommentarer:

Jan Harald sa...

Hola Africa, como estas? Det jo ut til at du har funnet deg til rette på savannen :-)
Vi snakkes!

Ragnhild sa...

Blae!!Ej he d!!
Alle kan no ha litt uflaks en gong i blant...! Men ditta kartet va heilt umulig aa forstaa sej paa!!hekje skjont d endaa, sjol om ej no kan veien dit;p hehe..Men i "isrus" e d meste lov, for daa tenke an paa alt anna en veien heimatt!!ej berre nevne Kristiansand ej...seikje meir;p

Angel sa...

Hello From Mexico