onsdag, november 15, 2006


On Saturday we all four where visiting a friend in the evening. We was 9 people altogether, it was really nice to just hang out with some people. We eat food, talked, listen to music, and laugh. We was talking about having a barbecue, but of several reasons we decided to do that another time, instead we had a good mixture of food; Barbecued sausage, chocolate, chocolate cookies, bread, butter, bananas, banana chips cornflakes, , warm/cold water, milk powder, tee, Coca Cola, honey, juice. So it was really a good mixture :PI hade a good time, fun no finally just hang out with some youths for a evening.

The day after me and Per went together with our Host Family to a really African Barbecue, here the make a lot off food, with much different things.In the picture below you can see me eating :P and Per`s plate with food.

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